CollectionCrown and Peace Office County Kildare

Crown files at Assizes, includes manuscript and printed material, for example:
Jurors Report, Quarter Sessions, Naas, 2 January 1885, which found that Catherine Kennedy on 18 November 1884, 'feloniously did steal, take, and carry away certain money to the amount of Thirty nine pounds of the Goods and Chattels of Arthur Ward'.

Depositions, for example:
Petty Sessions, Naas, 3 May 1886, Deposition of Sarah Kearns, Loughtown, 29 April 1886 against William Cooney who was charged with absconding with £17 pounds and upwards, property of Hugh Kearns, Sarah, wife of Kearns, lost her purse while in Naas to buy seed potatoes, 26 April 1886.

Travelling expenses, records for witnesses, for example:
Quarter Sessions, Naas, 5 January 1886, Sarah Reilly, Kilboggan, shopkeeper, travelled 19 miles by special car at a cost of £0-15-0.

Quarter Sessions, Naas, 3 June 1885, report of previous committals to prison signed by prison governor, for example:
Sarah Wilson, standing on charge of theft, was in prison 40 times before on various dates between 16 April 1878 and 1 June 1885, imprisoned by magistrates of Naas, Curragh and Newbridge, on charges of trespass, drunkenness, drunk and disorderly, escape from Lock hospital, insubordination in Lock hospital, destructing a footpath, and received various sentences ranging from 3 months to 3 days in Naas jail.

Bella Carpenter, at the Quarter Sessions, Naas, 3 June 1885, accused of unlawfully stealing on 9 April 1885, a horse and side car, the property of Patrick Gaul. The defendant had been imprisoned before under the names Bella Carpenter, Isabella Carpenter, Isabella Caffrey, Bella Walford, 27 December 1881, 19 May 1882, 25 July 1882, 29 March 1884, 25 June 1884, 2 April 1885, for drunkenness, assault on a policeman, larceny, with sentence ranging from 48 hours to 3 months.

Return of Criminals, County Kildare 1884, for example one case of rape, also 1 accusation of murder by a female, with no bill forwarded. In these returns crimes by women are distinguished from crimes by men.

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