CollectionCrown and Peace Office, County Mayo

Petty Sessions, Order Books, Cahir, County Tipperary,1911-1912, for example:

Number 60, 15 September 1912, Ellen Neville, Abbey Street, Cahir, stood on the complaint, 'That the Defendant was drunk on the public street at Cahir in the County of Tipperary on the 5th day of August 1912.' She was fined one penny and costs of 1 shilling, six pence, in default of which payment she was to be imprisoned in Waterford Jail for seven days with hard labour. The fine and costs were paid 27 August 1912.

Number 69, 29 February 1912, Ellen Reidy, Lisava, Cahir, spinster, stood on the charge of adulteration of food, complainant, Thomas. E Cole, Ex officio Inspector of Food and Drugs, Cahir was sold one pint of milk 'which was not of the nature, substance and quality of the article demanded by the said complainant as such purchased it being adulterated with 28 per cent of its weight in water.'.Ellen Reidy was convicted and fined 1 shilling and costs of 12 shilling, 6 pence, the total sum of which she paid in court.

Number 10, 4 January 1912, complainant, Catherine O'Brien, Abbey Street, Cahir, defendant, Mary Harris, Abbey Street, Cahir stood on the charge that 'on 1st day of January1912 [she] did unlawfully make use of abusive and threatening language towards complainant whereby she has just cause to fear that Defendant will do her a corporal hurt or procure others to do so.'

Number 46, 25 April 1912, Mary O'Neill, Glenagat, charged with allowing on 13 April 1912 one ass to wander on the road, fine 1 shilling plus costs which was paid in court.

Number 130, 17 March 1912, Bridget Murphy, publican, stood on the charge that she unlawfully permitted 'drunkenness to take place on her place on her licensed premises by allowing one Ned Hogan of Donegal to remain therein while in a drunken state.'. This case was withdrawn by permission of the Bench.

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