CollectionPetty Sessions Records

Petty Sessions Order Books Ardara, County Donegal:
8 April 1852-7 February 1859, for example:
Number 19, 13 July 1852, complainant, Peter Mc Loone, County Cess Collector, Rose McLaughlin, defendant, ordered to pay compensation of £0.3.11 (and a half pence) and costs of £0-2-0 for not having paid county cess.

14 November 1854, Sally Boyle, complainant, Neddy Mulloy and Jas Mulloy, defendants, on charge of breaking open complainant's door, 31 October 1854, case dismissed with complainant, Sally Boyle to pay defendants for costs, £0-5-0 and costs of court £0-1-0.

8 February 1859-12 August 1862, for example:
Number 15, 9 August 1859, complainant, Oliver Lockhart, defendant, Mary Ward, a hired servant who left before her time had expired contrary to the agreement. Mary Ward was fined £1-0-0 and costs of £0-1-6 or one month in prison.

Number 2, 10 April 1860, complainant, Marquis Conygham, defendant, widow Susan Gallagher, accused of cutting and taking turf, fined £0-2-6, compensation £0-1-0 and cost £0-1-6.

Number 1, 10 April 1860, widow, Catherine Byrne, accused by Marquis Conygham of cutting and taking turf, complainant Marquis Conygham, fine £0-5-0, compensation, £0-10-0, costs £0-1-6.

Number 25, 15 January 1860, defendant, Peggy Breslan stood on the charge of 'attempting to commit a Breach of the Peace and threatening to do so against several parties'. She was 'Bound over to keep the peace herself in £10 and two sureties of £5 each for 12 months or to be committed for 3 months.'

Number 14, 12 March 1861, widow, Mary Boyle or Sweeny [sic] accused of having 5 cows wandering on a public road on 26 February 1861, fine £0-2-6 and costs.

Number 27, 14 August 1860, James Brogan remanded for 8 months to Glenties Bridewell, charged with having attempted on 7 August 1860 to murder his wife, Cath Brogan 'by cutting her throat with a knife and inflicting several wounds therein' with blows also to the head with a blunt instrument.

Number 3, 10 July 1860, [?] Craig charged with subjecting her child, Ann Craig, to illegal innoculation from the effects of which she died. This case was dismissed.

14 July 1863-10 August 1865, for example:
Number 32, 10 November 1863, Ellen Maloney, Ardara, complainant, Peggy O'Donnell, Ardara, defendant, 'illegally holding possession of complainant's house after having been served notice to quit'. The verdict stated that possession was to be given to the complainant.

Number 15 9 February 1864, Mary MacKay, defendant, Constable Henry McKay, complainant, accused defendant of having house open for sale of liquors at a prohibited hour on night of 2 February 1864, and having a number of persons therein, fined £0-10-0.

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