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Annals of the Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, Cork in 8 volumes (1771-1999):

1771-1825, includes an insert detailing the Father Superiors to the Convent, 1771-1875, and the Revd Mothers of Cove Lane and Blackrock, 1771-1943; 1943-1978:
1997 to present day (1999).

Annals of the Ursuline Convent, Our Lady of Lourdes, Columbus, Georgia, USA, a foundation from the Ursuline Convent Blackrock:
1 June 1959- June 1994.
August 1994-June 1996
Details of the beginning of the foundation are included in volume 1, for example:
'1959. The Ursuline Community at Blackrock, Cork, Ireland had intimated to their Bishop, most Reverend Dr. Cornelius Lucey, that they were both willing and anxious to send some of their members on a Mission. June. On Sunday 20th June, His Lordship told Reverend Mother M. Baptist Brennan, Superior, that four nuns were needed for Mission work in the Diocese of Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A. He proposed the undertaking of this as the mission work desired by the community...'

Noviciate Book
Includes details of the novices `exam' taken a month before holy profession and details of those who passed the exam September 1858-30 April 1979, for example:
13 January 1859 'I do hereby testify that I have Examined Mary Duffy in Religion Sister Martha, and that I think her, as far as I can form an opinion, duly qualified to make Profession', signed William Delany, Bishop.
The volume also includes covenants, for example:
19 December 1772, 'Whereas Mrs Wall has been pleased for the glory of God and the benefit of her soul to bestow one hundred pounds towards building the Chapel of the Ursuline house of this City on condition that she receives from said Ursuline house six pounds every year during her natural life. Now we the Undernamed Superior of said house, do by these presents promise and bind ourselves and our successors to pay unto said Mrs [et?] the said sum of six pounds per annum from the date here of during the said term of her natural life; and moreover do promise to have twenty Masses said for her intention every year during said term, and immediately after her death, thirty three Masses, three Offices and Liberas for her soul: and besides she is to partake of all the prayers which shall be said and of all the good works that shall be done to perpetuity in our said house, given unto our hands this 19th Day of Decem: 1772.' Underneath is written `The above covenant with Mrs Wall was faithfully compiled with, she Mrs Wall departed this life in the year 1789.'
Also includes a record of proposals, for example:
11 September 1799, the Superior Mother Mary Lewis, `assembled the Chapter to Propose rebuilding the dancing room to which they agreed.'

Profession Books which give details of place of birth, baptism, entry to novitiate and profession of vows from each entrant, sometimes the date of death is included. Reference is made to temporary vows, the renewal of same and final profession:
May 1771-13 March 1935
21 February 1905-26 September 1992.

Elections and Visitations Book.
Begins page 117 with a reference to the establishment of the convent at Blackrock, the nuns moved there from Cove lane
Page 119 the first convent elections are recorded, 4 September 1775 when Mother Margaret Kelly, Superior, returned to her convent in France leaving a vacancy, records of these elections continue to page 292, 3 July 1940. The record of elections then continues on page 5 up to 1943.
The first visitation of the convent, that of John Butler, Bishop of Cork, and those following begins on page 293 of the book and span the dates 31 January 1775-26 November 1997. A number of female visitations are recorded, for example, 28 May-31 May 1979:`Rev. Mother M. de Sales Murphy, first Mother General of the recently formed Irish Ursuline Union, held a visitation of the monastery during these days.

Book recording important contracts relating to the convent. At the back of the book are accounts for the new building, April 1773-February 1775, it is not clear what the figures recorded specifically pertain to.
The book includes `an abridgement of the Temporal States of the House for the years 1788,' and gives details of the number in the house, the religious funds, for example, in bonds, the religious and novice pensions, rents from 3 cabins and boarders' pensions. It also includes expenditure, the rents and salaries paid by the house, money for chaplains' masses and confession, clerk's salary, sacristy money, rents for the garden, wages for the gardener and his boy, servants hire and rates.
At the start of the book agreements or covenants are included such as that with Mrs Wall in the Novices Exam Book and more mundane agreements, for example:
4 June 1799, George Alleyne Cooper was given the liberty `to throw down the fourth wall of his garden, and to take in their wall which is tow or three feet back of that and to enclose the West End of it, with his wall, that lies westward of the convent...' Cooper cannot build on or against the wall and agrees to give up the gound belonging to the convent when asked for it, an agreement binding on his heirs.

Printed list of Donors and Subscribers to the refurbishment of the Ursuline Convent Chapel, Blackrock, Cork, received by Mrs Coppinger, of Middleton for the centenary of the convent, September 1871.The list contains a much larger proportion of female to male names, for example, Lady Power, Dublin, Miss J Lyons, Cork, Mrs Kelly, County Clare.

5 original letters and transcript of 1 letter, all from Nano Nagle to Sister Angela Fitzsimmons:
17 July 1769
early 1770
29 April 1770
13 May 1770, 20 July 1770
28 September 1770.
Also includes:
Deed of settlement with Miss Nagle, 18 September 1771
Addendum to the deed, 18 September 1771
Agreement relating to the financial endowment to Miss Nagle, original, not signed, no date
Documents relating to the Papal Bull, Clement, 14th Pope, concerning the setting up of the Ursulines in Cork, 13 January 1773.

School Archives:
Membership Book of the Apostleship of Prayer, 2 February 1864-1909.

Book of Accounts of the entrance money expended for the use of the Pensioners, September 1784-January 1851, this includes payment for labourers and carpenters etc.,

School Expenditure, November 1850-1883, the entrance fees are detailed at the start of the book and the expenditure of same from the middle of the book, typical accounts would be, for example, for repairs to desks, floor and chairs, œ15.13.0 was spent during the year 1882-1883.School Expenditure Book, October 1883-November 1896, this includes entrance fees and expenditures.

Book of Sodality of the Children of Mary, February 1891-December 1958, includes, for example, account of school pilgrimage to Lourdes, Easter, 1929.

Register of the Sodality of Mary, December 1842-March 1924. At the back of the book there are notes on the sodality, for example a plan of the Sodality and details concerning the reception of candidates.

Association of Mary Book, January 1841-1934, includes male and female names.

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