CollectionMary Ward Documents

Mary Ward Documents includes:

1. Mary Ward's Prayer. Lectures by Sister Immolata Wetter IBVM given to members of the General Chapter held at Loyola, July 1974, 2 copies

2. Mary Ward's Prayer, two books

3 Documents IBVM, 4 copies

4. 'Your Own Mary Ward', 3 copies

5. Copies of original writings of Mary Ward made by M.M. Elizabeth attested by M.M. Salome IBVM, 1928, 6 copies.

6. Various papers, 6 copies

7. 'A Brief Relation' by Mary Pontyz and Winifred Wigmore, bound volume

8. Mary Ward Leaflet, 1585-1645

9. 'Meditations on the statue of Mary Ward', several copies

10. 'The Nature and End of the Institute according to the Will of its Foundress' by M. Loyola Grerng IBVM, Augsburg 1976

11. 'The Contract' Sr Immolatia IBVM

12. 'The Painted Life', several copies, introduction to showing slides of 'The Painted Life'

13. 'Mary Ward', booklet 1987 by IBVM in North America , published in Toronto 2 copies

14. 'Women in Time to Come will do Much', talk on Mary Ward by S.M. Lurach Walsh at S.M. Pauline Logue's Profession in Rathfarnham 1987

15. 'Mary Ward', script for audio visual presentation produced, Toronto Canada, 24 January 1982

16. 'The Last Period of Mary Ward's Life' by Sr Immolata Wetter, talk at Mary Ward summer school, England, 1975, 2 copies

17. 'The Spiritual Path of Mary Ward', M. Immolata, talk given at a meeting of the Institute on 4 January 1975 in Vierzenheiligen, 4 copies in German

18. 'St Ignatius and Mary Ward - a striking parallel' by S.M. Bernadette Ganne, IBVM, 4 copies

19. Seminar on Mary Ward given at General Chapter July 1988, at Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham by S. Immolata IBVM, 5 copies

21. Talks by M. Immolata Wetter IBVM, Rome 1972, 2 copies

22. 'Mary Ward's background in the English Literary World' by S.M. Bridget's Geoffrey - Smith IBVM

23. 'Introduction to the Institute in England' by S.M. Bernadette Ganne IBVM, 7 pages, 3 copies

23a. 'Mary Ward. The English Historical Setting', 8 pages, M. Gregory Kirkus IBVM

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