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DM 2. O'Brien rentals. The 59 manuscripts have been microfilmed from the National Library of Ireland [Mss14,381-14,410; 14,417-14,443; 14,790; 14,800] and are all rent rolls of the O'Briens of County Clare. They date from 1685-1828.

DM 3. Biographical notices in Cork and Kerry newspapers, 1756-1827. Copied from the original in the possession of Rosemary ffolliott, author of the work.

DM 4. Monteagle estate papers, 1770-1891, 3 rolls. These rolls contain rent and account books of the Monteagle estate in counties Limerick and Kerry.

DM 13. New South Wales Immigration Deposit Journals, 1853-1900. 9 rolls [purchased from the New South Wales State Archive]. Contains information on those paying deposits in New South Wales for intending assisted emigrants.

DM 14. Register of St John's Hospital, Limerick 1816-1826.

DM 22. Rentals of Thurles and Thomastown Estates, 1819-1899. One roll of 35mm film. Original is in Thurles. (see also DM14).

DM 23. 'Corofin Papers', three rolls of 35 mm film. Rough content of the three roles:
1. Rent ledgers of various estates, 1882-1921.
2. Various rent ledgers 1899-1930 and an Estate Ledger, 1899-1922.
3. Burton Estate, Rent Ledger, 1890-1903; and Incumbered Estates Sale of Marquis of Thomond's Estates in County Clare in 1857.

DM26. Will books of Limerick District Registry, 1858-1900. Four rolls bought from the Public Records Office.

DM 27. Minute book of Newcastle West Town Commissioners, 1900-1926. One roll of film.

DM 30. Minute book of Cannock and Company, Limerick, 1877-1927. One roll of film.

DM 35. Registers of Limerick Model School, 1855-1886. Two rolls of 35 mm film.

DM 36. School Registers. One roll of 35 mm film, containing the following: Castletown Female National School, 1892-1945. Castletown Female National School, 1945-1973. Castletown Male National School, 1890-1930. Colmans Well (Girls). 1866-1957. Colmans Well (Boys) 1872-1973.

DM 37. School Register. Register of the Courtenay School, Newcastle West. First 50 pages missing; pages 51-194 cover the period August 1880-June 1891.

DM 41. Caherelly National School Registers Girls School, 1868-1970 Boys school 1872 -1942.

DM 42. Newcastle West School Registers:
1. St. Catherine's NCW, 1888-1904. 2. St. Joseph's, NCW, 1887-1911. Both were girls' schools. One role 35 mm.

DM 43. Newcastle West Sick Call Book, 1886-1914. One roll 16 mm film.

DM44. National School Registers:
1. Glin. a) Boys' school, 1843 (two volumes) 1856-1866 (fragment of volume (dated 1856-1873) b) Girls' school, 1847-1854 (fragment), 1856-1872 (one volume), 1866-1928 (one volume)
2. Ballygoughlan (Kilfergus Parish) a) Girls' School 1885-1966 b) Boys' School 1885-1966.

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