CollectionPress II Boxes 3 and 4

South African Province, business correspondence 1881-1916

Correspondence, M.M. Michael Corcoran, 1898-1914

39 General letters from M.M. Michael Corcoran to the Houses of the Institute, 1890-1914

General letters from M.M. Michael Corcoran, 1914-1918

Letters from M.M. Michael Corcoran to Provincials and head of missions

Letters from M.M. Conzaga Barry, Australia, to M.M. Stanislaus Murphy, Spain, letters from M.M.

Gonzaga Joynt, India, to M.M. Stanislaus Murphy, letters from M.M. Loyola, York, 1902-1921

Copies of letters written by Dr Walsh to M.M. Michael Corcoran and some of her replies

Original letters from Dr Walsh to M.M. Michael Corcoran, 1889 - 1900, 1900-1918

Original letters from Dr Walsh to M.M. Dolores Ryan, Vicar General 1906 -1907, some of M.M. Dolores replies

Letters from Revd Mother Michael Corcoran to nuns, 1911- 1917

Correspondence with bishops and priests, M.M. Michael Corcoran

Letters to Loreto convent, Killarney, 1910 - 1919

Important documents and letters, 1881-1918, M.M. Michael Corcoran

Letters and documents, 1907 - 1927

Letters and documents, 1889 - 1916

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