CollectionTeeling Papers
DescriptionMiscellaneous letters, mostly to members of the Burke family, Ower, County Galway and to members of the Teeling family. Includes:
Letter to `Dearest Dottie' from her sister, Teresa Teeling, 16 June 1915

Letters to Dottie from Mary Cody, 6 September 1915 and no date. Reference is made in the latter letter to Dottie's clothes and health and contains the following statement on the Great War: `When will God punish those dreadful Germans. I think they feel themselves nearly beaten, as they resort to every kind of untruth in order to blacken us & our Allies in the eyes of the world.
What do you think of Mr Redmond? He is coming out now as gentleman & a man of honour. His speech at the convention in Waterford was splendid.
The loss of so many fine young fellows, mere lads some of them, is very sad'.

Letter to `Dear Lily' from her cousin, Francis Burke, 6 June 1946.
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