CollectionCorrespondence with Bishops and Priests

Correspondence with bishops and priests includes:

13 June 1914, Father Willie Doyle to M.M. Michael

11 August 1914, Bishop Gregory, Gilbraltar, to M.M. Michael, 3 pages

10 June 1914, Fr Albert Power SJ to M.M. Michael

15 December 1914, Dr Jackman to M.M. Michael

20 April 1915, Fr Wallis SM, CUS, Lower Leeson Street, to M.M. Michael

2 May 1916, Bishop Brown SJ to M.M. Michael

22 January 1916, Bishop Brown, Cloyne to M.M. Michael

28 January 1916, reply of M.M. Michael

26 January 1916, to Bishop Brown, Cloyne, from M.M. Gertrude Kennedy, Irish Provincial

28 May, letter from Fr M. Dwyer, Archbishop's House, to M.M. Michael

11 April 1916, same

13 April 1916, letter from Fr M. Dwyer to M.M. Michael on the sale of land in Lydenburg

12 April 1916, M.M. Michael to Fr Dwyer

14 April 1916, rough draft of letter from M.M.Michael to Dr Walsh

6 March 1917, Dr Meuleman SJ Calcutta, to M.M. Michael concerning S. Mary de Lourdes who left the Institute

31 August 1917, Bishop Fogarty, Killaloe, to M.M. Evangelist, Kennedy

28 September 1918, Fr H. Fegan SJ, Miltown Park, to M.M. Michael

Feast of St Francis, Fr Reginald Walsh OP, Tallaght, to M.M. Michael

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