CollectionPress II Boxes IV and V

Correspondence with Rome, 1901 - 1916

Correspondence with other Branches of IBVM, 1876-1916

Letters from M.M. Michael Corcoran to the Irish Houses while on visitation in India and Australia, 1902-1903

Documents connected with M.M. Michael Corcoran

Further correspondence with Rome, 1906 - 1914

Correspondence with Rome, 1900-1910

Letters from M.M. Michael Corcoran to M.M. Aquin, 1886 - 1916

Letters from Mgr Jacuemin, Rome, to M.M. Michael Corcoran and others, 1903 - 1911

Box 5

Letters from M.M. Gonzaga Joynt, India, to M.M. Gonza Barry, Australia, 1886-1960s

Letters from M.M. Gonzaga Joynt to M.M. Teresa Bonner, Mauritius, 1902 - 1920

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1881-1899

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1901

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1902

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1903

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1904

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1906

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1906

Correspondence to M.M. Corcoran and M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1907

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1908-1912

M.M. Raphael Deasy, 1919 - 1935

M.M. Raphael Deasy, Australia

M.M. Raphael Deasy, 1919 - 1935

S.M. Isabel Boland, South African Business

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