CollectionM.M. Gonzaga Barry 1881-1899

M.M. Gonzaga Barry, 1881-1899, includes, for example:

1881, copy of script affiliating Foreign Mission houses to Rathfarnham

9 June 1885, letter from M. Jos Castiglione, St Polten, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

15 December M.M. Michael to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

1890, circular from M.M. Ignatius York regarding Union

26 July 1894, M.M. Gonzaga Barry from Loreto Balbriggan to Cardinal Moran

29 December 1894, typed copy of letter to Sisters concerning the holding of a Provincial Council every three years, from M.M. Gonzaga Barry, Ballarat

5 October 1894, copy of script relating to India, of Union of Foreign houses

13 June 1896, M.M. Gonzaga Barry's plan for Roman House

21 October 1897, M. Edwards, Ascot, from Rome, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

11 November 1897, M.M. Aquinas Sullina to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

3 April 1899, Fr Pollen to SJ Rome to Revd Mother Francis York

18 April 1899, copy sent by M.M. Gonzaga Barry to M.M. Xavier, Australia

13 April 1899, from Revd M. Francis, York to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

14 December 1899, from M.M. Ignatia Lynn, Toronto, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

22 January 1895, from M.M. Ignatia Lynn, Toronto to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

19 May 1896, from M.M. Ignatia Lynn, Toronto, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

6 April 1891, M.M. Gonzaga, Toronto, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

20 September 1895, M.M. Purification Oullahan, Hamilton Ontario, to M.M. Gonzaga Barry

7 February 1890, M.M. Gonzaga Barry to M.M. Michael Corcoran

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