39 general letters to superiors and their communities includes:

18 June 1936, one of the first letters from Mother Gertrude, as Mother General

6 October 1925, gratitude expressed for the prayers of the Province

24 December 1936, mentions that the Constitutions have been delayed, but should be ready by 3rd week in January

30 December 1936, includes on 4 December the house at Limuru, a training school for native girls was opened by the Superior, Mother Dolores Stafford and Mother Teresa O'Sullivan

24 December 1957, anxiety about Spain as the frontier is closed for some weeks and there is no communication

2 March 1938, a list of portions of the Constitutions to be read each year

30 January 1939, war threatens the peace of nations

14 February 1939, Mass to be offered in all the houses of the Institute on the same day for the repose of the soul of the late deeply venerated Sovereign Pontiff, Pius XI

31 July 1939, through the General Letter and the Mission Notes it is hoped some details of the active life of the Institute may be learned. Our Institute numbers are close on 1,500

10 October 1939, prayers are requested for the safety of the nuns who hope to return to Spain, Gibraltar, East and South Africa

20 November 1939, M. Philip Neri Ahern and M. Loyola Toman sent on visitation to Australia

11 December 1939, M. Patrick Kirby appointed Provincial Superior of the Irish Province and M Louis 1st Counsultor

3 January 1940, prayers asked for M. Dolores Stafford and companion who sailed for Laurenco Marques to Mombasa a ten day voyage

Early February 1940, M. Philip Neri and M. Loyola have returned from visitation in Australia

February 1940, glad to learn that the Sisters have been able to travel safely. Rejoices that out nuns are to take up their work in Spain again. Concern for our nuns in England

20 June 1940, air raid in Manchester. Gilbraltar nuns have got safely to French Morocco, the convent in Nairobi taken over temporarily by the Government.

23 December 1940, reference to the turmoil, the anguish the appalling destruction of World War 2

12 March 1941, mention made of M. Cecilia Cummins travelling to Kenya from South Africa on visitation, M. Dolours Fitzpatrick accompanying her to Limuru for the new native hospital there

17 April 1941, a new foundation in Foxrock will be opened in September at the request of his Grace, the Archbishop of Dublin, John Charles McQuaid

4 June 1941, the death of M. Patrick Kirby, Irish Provincial

21 July 1941, M. Louis Kevans appointed Provincial

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