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ReferenceMss Box 32
DescriptionA Letters from Edward Carbutt to Mary Leadbeater 1809-1812.
Letters from Sarah Shackleton to Elizabeth Shackleton, 1804-1820.
Letters from Joshua Beale to Mary Leadbeater, 1787-1876.

B Letters from Elizabeth Leadbeater to her sister Deborah, 1806-1828.
Letters from Richard S Leadbeater to his sister Elizabeth, 1811, to Abraham Shackleton and his family, to Deborah Leadbeater (later Shackleton) and to Elizabeth Leadbeater, 1812-1829.

C Letters from and to Mrs C Harper and her brother, William Leadbeater, 1803-1806.
Letters from Mary Davis (later Merryweather) to Richard Shackleton, 1772-1788.
Letters from A Robinson to Mary Leadbeater, 1789-1793.
Letters from Mary Pim to Mary Leadbeater, 1790-1794.
Letters from John Walker, enclosing poems, to Mary Leadbeater, 1789.
Letters from Anne Gough (later Bewley), Thomas and Mary Bewley, 1777-1826.
Variety of letters to Elizabeth Leadbeater and others.

D Letters from Richard Shackleton to Martha Routh, 1777 (xeroxcopies).
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Century18th, 19th
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