CollectionHamilton-O'Regan Papers
DescriptionCorrespondence of the family of William Rowan Hamilton, 1768-1890. Correspondents include:
Miss Alcock, 1864
Deborah Alcock
Miss Armstrong
Alice J Banks
Lady Barker, National Training School for Cookery, Exhibition Road, London, South West
Mrs Amelia Bayly
Harriet Bayly
Mrs Penelope Bayly
Emma Anne Beaufort
Blanche Bellasis
Grace B Bellingham
Lady Frederick Bentinck
Anne Birch
Alice Black, nee O'Conner
Mrs Boole
Elizabeth Boyle
Mrs Brinkley
Mary Burrell
Harriet Butler, nee Edgeworth
Eliza Campbell
Mrs J L S Carrol
Edith Craig
Marianne Margaret Cust, nee Compton
Mrs Charlotte E Dana
Mrs C Davis
Mary Day
Mrs Disney
Fanny LeFanu Dobbin
Fanny Edgeworth
Maria Edgworth
Mary Edgeworth
Helen Fitzgearld
Janet Fitzgearld
Mary B Fitzgearld
Mrs William Fitzgearld
Bedelia Mary Frost
Gabrielle Graham
Anne Gregory
Mrs D Grueber
Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton
Miss Elizabeth Hamilton, daughter of Revd. James Hamilton, died 1857
Grace Hamilton
Helen Eliza Amelia Hamilton
Lady Helen Maria Hamilton, nee Bayly
Jane Sydney Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton
Sydney Margaret Hamilton
Mrs Hassell
Miss Eunice Hassell
Miss Gertrude Hassell
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Mary Hort
Miss Mary Hutton
Miss Susan Hutton
Anne-Mary Maynard Kidde
Mrs Maria Langford
Mrs LaTouche
Miss Arabella Lawrence
Mary Lawrence
Dora Lloyd
Hetty Macaulay
Mary MacFarlane
Sophia Maltass
Alice Mary Ogle Moore
Miss Edwina Moore
Louisa Moore
Marianne Nevill
Miss Agnes Nichol
Letitia North
Amelia St George Nugent
Miss Anna O'Regan
Mrs Vaughan Pendred
Catherine Prittie
Emily-Maude Prittie
Anne-Marie Quin
Miss Rathborne
Mrs Penelope Rathborne
Mrs Louisa Reed
Mrs Lucy Jane Robinson, nee Edgeworth
Helen Saw
Mrs Mary Scallan
Isabella R Starkey
Anna Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, nee Hay-MacKenzie
Fannie D Taylor
Martha Thompson
Eleanor Turner
Maria Ussher
Margaret de G Verrall
Katherine Villiers, nee Grimston
Elizabeth Whately
Mrs Mary Whistler
Isabella White
Mrs Susan Willey, nee Hutton
Caroline Wyndham-Quinn, Countess of Dunraven
Mrs Elizabeth Yates.
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Century18th, 19th
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CommentThe information listed from this repository has been extracted from lists available in the archives. The lists were compiled by staff of Trinity College, Dublin Library and we are grateful for their assistance. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually. We are grateful to Felicity O'Mahony for providing information on items and collections added since 1999.