Documents relating to Amelia and Teresa Kirwan, illegitimate daughters of the felon, William Burke Kirwan, who was transported for the murder of his wife.
Copy of a letter to the girls' mother in New York, 14 February 1863, from Thomas Mostyn relating to their training as pastry cooks in Ireland and inquiring as to the mother's circumstances in New York.

As CCS/1869/287 indicates, the emigration of the girls to the US to live with their mother was unsuccessful and they returned to Ireland. This file in the Registered Papers includes a statement addressed to Governor General Sir Thomas Larcom from the daughters, 21 March 1867, concerning their return to Ireland from the US.
'We have reason to believe that Mr Edwards, [?] Vice Consul at New York, has already made you acquainted with some facts of the causes of our failure to succeed in the business we engaged upon, . it is a deplorable thing for us to be obliged to state that the protection and assistance which we expected to receive from our mother and sister, in New York, was wholly denied us.. Very soon we found that the habits of our mother were of a deplorable nature and that everything she could lay her hands upon would be [?] to supply her desires.'

Statement to Thomas Burke, Under Secretary from William Lane Joynt, Crown and Treasury Solicitor, 25 October 1869, regarding the fund and the young women following their return to Ireland from the US.
'It appears that the girls failed to procure employment as confectioners and that in the summer of 1867, Mr Mostyn procured their admission as pupils in the Ladies Institute Molesworth Street, where they acquired the art of Telegraph clerks.'

Documents relating to the estate of William Burke Kirwan.

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