DescriptionA catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the National Library by Nessa Ni Sheaghdha, in 5 volumes, Facsimile 1-2, Facsimile 3-4, Facsimile 5-6, Facsimile 7-8, Facsimile 9-10.

G/11 is a 15th century Medical Book of many hands, includes
Page 268b, cures, charms and prayers against obstetrical and gynaecological problems

Page 289b33, obstetrics, 3 references to the sex of the child before birth.

Page 393a, section 13, charm against excessive menstrual flow.

Gives, for example, the death in 1474 of Slaine daughter of Gilla Padraig Mac Diarmada, wife of O Bolgaidhi, the main scribe.

At the end of the 17th century the manuscript passed into possession of various members of the Hadsor family, page 423 `Mary Hadsor her book and God make her good'.
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