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Collection DescriptionThe Airfield Archive was transferred to the OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre at Castletown House. It has been catalogued and is available for consultation there.
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House and Garden: Farm Accounts
Box 21


Butter Accounts detailing amount of butter made, date of manufacture and to whom it was given or sold:
November 1958-April 1959
August 1960-April 1959.

Sales Book of Produce and Cattle detailing produce (eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables) or cattle sold, date, amount received and purchaser:
December 1950-July 1951
February 1953-March 1958
April 1957-March 1961.

Farm Account Books detailing weekly labour accounts, valuations and inventories:
12 March 1898-2 November 1898, bound volume kept by [Lily Overend] detailing income received for milk, cucumbers, white roses and Lily of the Valley and payments made for butter, coal, gravel, mangolds, straw and repairs to the Coach House. Details date, quantities received and amount paid

29 February 1920-31 May 1921

July 1940-December 1972, 'Silverpark Accounts Tillage 1940', Account book kept by Letitia Overend detailing annual income and expenditure for tillage at Silverpark. Also includes details of rent, insurance, rates and repairs to Rockfield (1952) and a lists of Christmas presents to and from Letitia (1972).

December 1950-January 1954, 'Sale of Produce & Cattle', bound volume detailing sale of farm produce, cattle for slaughter, quantities of fruit given away, recipient's name, and general expenditure on wages, garden and laundry (1954)
13 February 1953-March 1959 'Sales Farm and Garden'.

'The Farm Account Books', Department of Education bound volumes detailing weekly labour accounts for farm workers. Includes name of worker, number of days worked, tasks carried out, amount paid and memorandum. Also includes inventory and valuation of stock:

8 January 1955-31 December 1955

7 January 1956-July 1956

1 April 1956-19 April 1960, includes a letter from Mary Barry concerning the quantity of butter made and sold

20 April 1960-15 November 1974, Farm Account Book

July 1973-1978, Milk Records

1 May 1985-31 March 1993, bound volume detailing farm expenditure under various headings including 'Wages', 'Farm', 'Repairs', 'Rent', 'Insurance', 'Taxes', 'Rates', 'Audit', 'Donations', 'legal', 'sundry', and 'PAYE/PRSI'.

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