CollectionAirfield Archive
Collection DescriptionThe Airfield Archive was transferred to the OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre at Castletown House. It has been catalogued and is available for consultation there.
ReferenceBoxes 100-122

Accounts 1894-1994
Boxes 100-122

These records relate to accounts created by
1 Dromartin Estates Company Limited
2 A number of files and envelopes relating to the house or farm
3 The hand-written books kept by the Overend family themselves

Includes, among other documents:
Expenditure Books detailing monthly accounts:
January 1925-December 1943
January 1944-November 1951
January 1952-February 1955
January 1958-May 1960
July 1981-June 1990

Register of Securities and Dividends (Letitia Overend) English and Irish estates:
1 January 1960-1973
December 1915-1959
c.250 items

Notebooks detailing deductions made on wages including tax and insurance, 1964.

Dromartin Estates Company, correspondence, policy statements, etc., relating to insurance, property, employees, household policy and public liability, 1992-1994

House Account Book, January 1980-December 1990

Notebook relating to personal expenses, liabilities and accounts 1865-1890

Receipts of payment to Miss Overend from Blackwood Employment Bureau, 42 Lower Mount Street, Dublin, regarding the engagement of temporary cooks and housemaids, 30 June 1954-28 October 1957, 2 items

Time Returns: file of individual accounts detailing hours worked by employees, amount owed, work accomplished and purchases made, 8 January 1957-16 September 1968. Includes details from:
Angela Brown, 1992
Margaret Corcoran and Roisin, 1988
Kate, 1958
Valerie Delahunt, 1975
Mary Lynott and Margaret Devine.
94 items

Letters of application for the posts of, among others, house workers, 18 April 1960- 20 August 1963
14 items.

Receipt from the Employment Exchange South Circular Road, confirming the receipt of employment contributions from Naomi Overend on behalf of Elizabeth Delaney, 3 July 1978-9 October 1979

Receipt from Martha McCann confirming the payment of all wages owed to her by Naomi Overend. Also a note that Ms McCann received a reference, has taken all her property and has no further business at Airfield, February 1983

Manuscript note by Naomi Overend on the amount paid to G. Nixon, P. Brennan, L. Kirwan and Tom Nixon, 6 July 1990-6 July 1991

File of duty rosters prepared by Elizabeth L Nicholson, Care Company, for Naomi Overend. Details dates to be covered and name of nurse on duty. Also includes term and conditions of the company and details of fees charged, 19 June 1992-7 March 1993
4 items.

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