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Collection DescriptionThe Airfield Archive was transferred to the OPW-Maynooth University Archive and Research Centre at Castletown House. It has been catalogued and is available for consultation there.
ReferenceBoxes 136-137,144,148

Family History: Travel
Boxes 136-137, 144, 148

Passports belonging to Mrs Lily Overend, Letitia Overend, Naomi Overend and Emily Provis
Travel permits between Ireland and the United Kingdom, 1940

Files concerning various ski-ing trips made by Naomi Overend to Kitzbuhel, Austria, staying at the Hotel Schloss Kaps, 15 January 1934-12 March 1956
15 items

File concerning a visit to Rhodes, Greece by Letitia Overend and Emily Provis, via London, Venice and Bari on the Simplon Orient Express and the Italian Line Steamer ss `Zara' and returning to Venice on the `Calitea', 19 August 1938-25 September 1938
32 items

Receipt to Miss Overend from Thomas Cook & Son Limited for two return tickets from Dun Laoghaire to London, London to Andermat, and phone expenses, 8 February 1947

File detailing a cruise around Iceland by Letitia Overend, Naomi Overend and Emily Provis. Includes a diary kept by Emily Provis concerning the journey, 8 May 1950-7 July 1950
27 items

File (envelope) kept by Naomi Overend concerning her visit to New Zealand and Australia via Curacao and Panamal Canal, 20 July-7 December 1956. Details her visits to Caracas, Cristobel, Pitcairn (Pacific Ocean) and Wellington on board the SS `Ceramic' on the outboard journey and Melbourne, Adelaide, Feemantle, Durham and Capetown on board the P & O ss `Strathnaver' on the homebound journey. Includes, among other items, telegrams, birthday cards, letters, 1 September 1955-7 December 1956, 52 items

File kept by Letitia and/or Naomi Overend concerning Naomi's visit to New Zealand and Australia, 13 May 1956-December 1970. Includes letters to Naomi from:
Isabel Doddington, New Zealand and from Isa (Ivezic)
Charles Burston and Ruth Lane Poole, Australia, regarding their expectations and delight at having her to stay
Letters to Naomi from various friends wishing her luck, giving her general news of home and welcoming her home
Christmas card to Naomi from Eva [Horton] reminiscing about her trip, 1970,
Letters to Letitia Overend from Rosaleen Kenny detailing her travels in Europe, 1956
Letters to Letitia from Peter and Lizzie Delaney noting that the garden and vegetables at Brittas Bay are well, that they are looking forward to her visit and sending their regards to Naomi.
Also includes, among other items, Bon Voyage and birthday cards and manuscript notes and accounts 47 items

File (envelope) kept by Letitia or Naomi Overend concerning letters written to Naomi Overend on her tour of New Zealand and Australia, June 1956-9 December 1956. Details general news of friends and family such as letters and cards wishing Naomi luck on her journey and welcoming her home. Includes details of:
Maud [Harrison's] and Rosaleen Kenny's visits to Airfield
A birthday tea for Naomi on her absence
Bun's health and treatment in hospital
Difficulties with building works and Rockfield tenants
Death of Sir Harold and Lady Dennehy and Dorothy Provis
The new ballroom at the Shelbourne Hotel
A large party at Airfield
Sale of Anglesea Road to Mr Regan
Letitia's visit to Belfast for Sir Otto's retirement lunch
Discussions regarding the unsettlement in the Suez Canal
News of the dogs, cats and cows at Airfield.
Principal correspondents include:
Letitia Overend
Emily Provis
Emmie (Bun) Tyndall
Kathleen Greville
Aileen Barton
Louie Baxter
99 items

File concerning a tour of Finland, Sweden and Denmark by Letitia Overend, Naomi Overend and Emily Provis,17 June-9 July 1957. Details the stages of their journey and includes, among other items, photographs, postcards and a diary of their journey kept by Emily Provis, 1955- 9 July 1957.
80 items

File concerning a tour of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome taken by Letitia Overend. Includes postcards, baggage tag and photographs, October 1960

File concerning a visit to Denmark. Includes photographs, June 1968
11 items

File kept by Letitia or Naomi Overend concerning their tour of Norway with Coastal Express Services on board the ss `Kong Olav'. The stages of their journey are detailed and the file includes, among other items, daily itineraries with manuscript notes by Naomi, 28 May 1970-9 June 1970
35 items

File concerning a Baltic cruise taken by Letitia and/or Naomi Overend with Chandris Cruises on board `Tss Regina Magna' from Amsterdam to Oslo (Norway), Goteborg (Sweden), Stockholm (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Visby (Isle of Gotland, Sweden), Copenhagen, and Tilbury (United Kingdom). Includes daily itineraries and post cars among other documents, 24 June 1972-7 July 1972

Also includes material relating to a World Tour with the British Medical Council (Letitia Overend), 1935.

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