No 7 Miscellaneous:

19th century volume in a number of hands, includes page 60:
'I do hereby furnis[h] you with an acct. of the tuition of your children this 2 July and Margaret O Leary (one attended when the other retired,/ from the 17th of February 1841 to the 28th of June at 2s per quarter of 2s 10 1/2 d/ John Leary Do to Do at 1s6 per quarter 2[s]2[d]/Total 5[s] 0 I/2[d]/.'

p. 235 'To the Honourable [Ladies and cancelled] Gentlemen and Ladies/ The Humble Memorial of Jane F[.] Most Submissively Sheweth that she is a most distressed poo[r] Woman of a helpless charge, Who[se] Husband and entire family are [?since] the 29th of September last ill of a f[ever?] and has not the least means to pro[cure?] them any nourishment or substance whatsoever, - Memorialst being from mere wan[t] obliged to impawn all the little wearibles she and [?her] poor distressed family had, to procure t[hem?] some nourishment, Which leaves them exposed to the piercing winds of Cold Winter, and to the inclemency of those dreary Nights, for want of anything that may shade thim [sic] - From the remarkable Charity of those benevolent Gentlemen & Ladies she most humbly solicits for some reliefs and will ever pray.'

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Padraig O Machain, 'Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Mount Melleray Abbey, Co. Waterford' (Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1991).

The library at Mount Melleray Abbey, Co. Waterford, houses a small collection of Irish 
manuscripts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This collection of manuscripts was 
chosen as a pilot undertaking of the Irish Script On Screen project (see link above).

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