St Mary's Psychiatric Hospital, Castlebar, County Mayo.

Minute Books, 1866-1943, c.25 volumes
These record, for example, 5 June, 1875, extent of male and female accommodation and vacancies for both sexes; number under treatment in the Hospital for medical diseases and for surgical diseases; names of patients admitted since last Board Day, country to which belonging and authority for admission; names of lunatics committed as Dangerous under Magistrates Warrants, County to which belonging, names of Magistrates, Medical Officer's opinion as to their suitability under the provisions of the Act; names of persons discharged, escaped, died, etc., since last board day, distinguishing dangerous lunatics, county to which belonging and cause of death or condition of mind on removal or escape.
Staff appointments are also recorded as are salary/conditions of staff.

Death and Discharge Books, 1915-1965, c 50 volumes.

Admission Book, recording details of admission, 1866-1868, 1 volume.

Medical Journals, giving illness details, 1950s, 5 volumes.

SAO Reports (financial assessment form), 1960-1970, c.20 volumes.

Century19th, 20th

We were informed in November 2020 that St Mary's Hospital closed in 2005 and is now used by the Department of Education and the Health Service Executive to provide various services. The archive records remain stored in the building.  We were also informed that there is a 'national mental health archive project underway at the moment.  The working group is developing a national protocol for accessing HSE mental health archive records. The documentation is currently in draft form, and it is unclear when it will be finalised'.

Access to this material is limited.

The list available here was constructed by the Women's History Project in the late 1990s.  

Repository NameSt Mary's Hospital, Castlebar
AddressCastlebar County Mayo
CommentThe list that appears here was constructed by the Women's History Project team in the late 1990s. Due to time constraints not all items in this repository were examined individually.