CollectionUrsuline Convent Thurles

1 volume, National Training College for Teachers of Domestic Subjects, Address Book.

1 volume, Roll Book, St Angela's Academy, 1924-1927.

1 volume, Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, newscuttings and list of pioneers, 1913-1957

1 volume, Register of Total Abstinence League of the Sacred Heart, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, October 1890 with a list of members 1938

1 volume, Registers and Minute Book of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart (Female Centre) c1936-1969

1 volume, Application Book for admission into the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association of the Sacred Heart (Female), 1936-1969, with a short list of `defaulters' on the last page

Folder, typescript of Mother Teresa Grene and the Ursulines

Folder, Ursulines Cartographies and Historical Data, c1987

1 volume, Annals relating to the Needlework Guild, the Providence school, cuttings and manuscript, c.1899-c.1956, with accounts of people inserted.

1 volume, Our Lady's Sodality, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, Register of Providence school, with cuttings, [1966?]

1 volume, Free Dispensation of Milk for the poor to be marked under Sodality of the Children of Mary, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, 1904-1947, includes cuttings and accounts of the Providence school

1 volume, Associates, 1988, Sodality Retreats

1 envelope, Altar Bread Society Records, 1931-[?]. Also includes accounts of the Catholic Mission Kaduna, Nigeria, British West Africa, with photographs, sparse, [to 1952?]

1 volume, Visitors' Book Past Pupils' Union, c1930-1970

1 volume, List of Subjects, 1920-1924

1 volume, Confraternity of the Sacred Heart, 1861-1905, and List of the Children of Mary, 1859-1873

1 volume, Sacred Heart Sodality, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, 1897-1953, list of members

1 volume, Our Lady's Sodality, Ursuline Convent, Thurles, includes contributions to the expense of Our Lady's Needlework Guild, 1895-1964

1 volume, Manuscript Extracts from Sermons, no date, [early 19th century?]

1 volume, Manuscript Notes and Dates relating to the Ursuline Order 1920-[?], includes notes on what the Boarders are to be taught, etc.

1 volume, Record of the New Pupils who attended St Angela's Academy, 1950-1962

1 volume, Address Book and names of Members of Our Lady's Sodality, with notes for expenses for retreats, c.1894-1960

1 volume, includes an account of debts due to the convents, c.1816 and donations to 1859, also a list of those who entered the community, 1811-1859, and what they brought with them. (faint)

1 volume, Accounts, financial expenditures per month, wages, household etc., 1853-1867 (faint)

1 volume, List of Donations Received, 1858-1876

1 volume, Accounts, finances spent, 1865-1867, household, infirmary, medicines etc.

1 volume, Account Book, incomes and expenditure 1869-1957

1 volume, Boarders' Accounts, 1913-1929

1 volume, Election of Mother Superiors, 1843-1977

1 volume, Profession Book, 1962 onwards

1 volume, Volume on Centenary, 1887, correspondence, newscuttings etc.

1 volume, Boarding School Account Book relating to pupils, 1879-1893; 1947-1950

1 volume, Acts of Profession, 1812-c.1949

Annals, in copybooks:
volume I c.1893-1956
volume II 1956-1968, with inserts
volume III 1968-1976, with inserts

1 volume, Manuscript Annals, c.1828-1898, not full, very sparse

1 volume, The Annals of the Ursuline Convent, Thurles, c.1859-1867

1 volume, Annals, 1989 onwards

1 volume, Children of Mary Album, 1925-1933, with newscuttings and photographs

1 volume, List of Pupils, 1870-1911, includes subject programmes, daily lessons, 1867

1 volume, List of names and addresses, 1912-1928; 1935-1960

1 volume, Rules for Boarders (manuscript), 1881-1938, includes consecrants of the Children of Mary, 1903-1930, with exceptions

1 volume, Leabhar na Marcanna, 1936-1940

1 volume, List of Pupils/marks and finances, 1970-1978

1 volume, List of names and address of pupils, 1980-1981

1 volume, List of Pupils, 1940-1983

1 volume, Boarders' Accounts, 1950-1973

1 volume, Marked Details of information supplied on various forms in connection with interim and other grants, 1919-1926

1 volume, Staff and Boarders' List, 1966-1970

1 volume, copybook, Boarders' Accounts, 1950-1951

1 volume, Accounts, financial, 1961-1974

Boarders' addresses, in copybooks:

1 copybook, Confirmation Certificates Sacrament Received, 1937-1950, with exceptions

1 volume, Addresses, [?]- 1972, typescript and manuscript with inserts

1 volume, Manuscript Constitutions

In the following material is kept in folders:

Newspaper cuttings relating to celebrations, 1950s


Material relating to the grotto, chapel, statues, etc.

Photocopies and manuscript letters relating to Father Mathew

Material relating to past pupils, includes:
Copybook of Mary Hayden
Minutes of the Past Pupils' Union, 1935-1938, with inserts
Annual Report of the Past Pupils' Union, 1957
University College Dublin, Report of the President, December 1942
Obituary of Mary Hayden

Photographs, 1880s, postcards

Property and correspondence relating to [?] and papers marked Miss Murray's, 25 March 1884; all 1920s

Copy of Constitution and correspondence relating to [?], 1920s.

[Historical?] , newscuttings and manuscript notes on the history of the community and typescript account and manuscript extracts from the annals.

Photographs and newscuttings, late 20th century

Leases etc., 1890s, photocopies and correspondence

Sr M Ursula Tobin, early years, includes:
Correspondence, 1797 -c1804
Photocopies of correspondence and annals together with documents relating to M Angela Luby's resignation in 1815 and profession documents, 1806 [4 items relating to Luby]

1 file, newcuttings 1980s

1 file, typescript relating to the Irish Ursuline Union, 1986-1990

1 file, Thurles Town, notes relating to the town

1 file, various correspondence, 1915-1916, and receipts 1940s and together with material relating tobishops

1 file, Lifford, newscuttings and correspondence and typescript of History of Ursuline Convent at Lifford, Ennis, County Clare and typescript and manuscript copies of letters, c1835.

1 file, wills, 1849-1964, 5 items

1 volume, Council and Chapter matters, 1935-1967

1 volume, results of Chapters for novices and for other matters submitted for voting, 1910-1960

1 volume, Council and Chapter matters, 1868-1910

1 volume, Elections of Deputies and of others, c.1786-1876

1 volume, Chapters on novices:
1864-1867, includes sodality of 1859, notes on clothes etc.

1 folder, Associates, 1980s-1990s

1 folder, correspondence, 1980s-1990s

1 folder, programmes, prospectus, prizegiving materials, 1880s-1950s

1 folder, original correspondence relating to land:
Lord Dunsandle to Delahunty, 1899
Delahunty to the convent, 1903
Correspondence of:
Anne Bourke, 1879
Cantwell, 1911
Bolton, 1910
c.7 items

1 folder, Material relating to property, c early 19th century, people mentioned include, Richard Ayward, Darby Scully, Witherel's garden, 1868 together with receipts, c.1802.

1 folder, relating to property, Pudding Lane, 1945, and property 1925-1931, c.7 items

1 folder, material relating to the Singleton estate, 1897:
Lease, 1819, with correspondence

1 folder, relating to the will of Sally Meagher, died 1852, and Mrs Shea, 1841, c.10 items, 1830s-1850s

1 folder, Religious Knowledge Reports, c.1918-1939

1 folder, Primary School Newscuttings

1 folder, wills relating to Sisters of the Convent, c.32 items, c.1820-1862.

1 folder:
2 letters of an tAthar Peader, 1912, 1916, as gaelige, in an envelope
Letter in an envelope to Reverend Mother, January 1922
6 letters to an tAthar Peader from Ursuline Convent, Waterford relating to nuns as teachers.
Wills of lay sisters, typescript, c16 items, c1953
Typescript wills of Choir nuns, 1953, c34 items
Birth and Death Certificates, 1920s and 1930s

1 folder, Brigade Association, local requirements

1 envelope, relating to the Nesbit will, 1963

1 folder, Accounts:
Investments, 1929 with shares and receipts
c.14 items

1 folder, Typescript relating to Angela Merici

1 folder, Secondary School Newscuttings, 1980s

1 folder, Receipts, 1840s-1955, c.30 items

1 folder, relating to the Misses Kane and Mr Rochfort:
Correspondence relating to settlement and relating to paying for class in school, c.1801-1816, c.141 items

1 folder, relating to Mother Teresa Grene, Loreto, c.11 manuscript letters, c.1816-1887, with photocopies

1 folder, names of sisters from the beginning, numbers 1 to 110

1 folder:
Lists of superiors and notes on some nuns, with modern notes
Unsorted letters relating to Provincial school, January 1897
Payments made relating Dowry, c.1891, Paris
Notes relating to retreats, etc.
Envelope marked Mrs William O'Brien, letters from her to Mother Xavier, 1935 and material relating to the French Ursulines

1 folders, Centenary Newscuttings, 1887

1 folder, Information on Archbishop of Cashel, photocopy and pamphlets

1 folder, Inspectors' reports, 1913-1922, c.25 items

1 folder, Various Exam Reports c.1922-1950, c.32 pages

1 folder, relating to Education:
Various unsorted Exam papers, Department of Science and Art of the of Commission of the Council on Education, London, 1894, 1895, 1893, 1896 with correspondence, 1924
Correspondence relating to the memorial drawn up by the nuns, relating to secondary education in Ireland c.1914
Letters from T. Corcoran, Society of Jesus

1 folder, lists of names, boarders and lay pupils with dates and results, 1912-1939, with collections of photographs, also lists of unsorted material including letters.

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Date1786-1983; 1986-1990
Century19th, 20th
Repository NameSisters of the Irish Ursuline Union
AddressBlackrock Cork City
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