Filing cabinet 1:

Drawer 2
Correspondence of Father Andrew Murphy includes correspondence of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Liverpool, notably Sister Isabella Joseph, for example:

26 October 1901

4 November 1901

The folder also includes, for example, receipt for monies spent for the poor of Limerick, for ladies boarding out, ladies nursing.

Drawer 3
Bishop O' Neill's Papers includes letters from Sister M Charles Whelan, convent in Chartres, relating to an Irish sister away from her native country who is unwell and suffering from homesickness, c.1953.

Drawer 4
Financial Ledger, includes details of gifts from convents, personal house account charity cases, includes, for example, a number of entries detailing money given to Anna O'Brien, a charity case, includes details of a wedding present to Mary Murphy, money given to handicapped children in Limerick and Christmas gifts to convents, 1950s-1970s.

Diocesan Needs accounts, 1972-1973.

Ledger, record of letters sent and received, 1962-

Visitation Book, 1959-

Ledger: donations to the new college, 1958-1967

1 volume, relating to Mary Cregan bequest for education of priests, 1948-

1 volume, containing details of Newcastlewest parish, barely used, 1845, 1876, 1898.

1 volume, First Fund Ledger, 1887-1916

1 volume, Ledger, 1932

1 volume, Ledger, Diocesan Trust, 1924-1930

1 volume, Ledger 1972

Filing Cabinet 4, Drawers 1- 4 and Filing Cabinet 5, Drawer 1:
Data on parishes, including accounts and deeds.

Filing Cabinet 5:
Drawer 2
1 file, Sisters of Mercy
1 file, Faithful Company of Jesus
1 file, Good Shepherd Convent, this includes:
Investiture of the Magdalen Asylum
Letters to the Mother General, 1888 and 1862
Letter from the Good Shepherds to the Bishop relating to land, 1969
Document relating to a disputed will, Edward Dwyer, Bishop and James Nash versus Kate Louisa Daly, the money went to the Magdalen Home
Letter from the prioress relating to the chaplancy, 22 September 1920.
1 file, Little Company of Mary
1 file, Presentation Order
1 file, Reparation Sisters
1 file, material relating to hospitals
These files contain letters between the various orders of sisters and the Bishop.

Filing Cabinet 6:
Drawer 2, material relating to Maynooth, includes speech at conferring 1970 by Newman, three years after the opening of the college to women, in which he discusses the new range of students. Includes higher education material including details of taking in of women students.

Filing Cabinet 7:
Drawer 2, personal correspondence of Bishop Newman by year, for example, 1950s, mostly to men and academic and church related.

Filing cabinet 9:
Drawers 1-2
Boxes of parish account

Filing cabinet 8:
Drawer 1
2 files on the Irish missionary Union, mostly circulars and routine correspondence
1 file on Justice and Peace movement, mostly printed material
1 file on apostolate, printed material.

c.33 ledgers 1887 onwards, loose on back table.

Shelf along the back wall
1 volume, Cashbook, Bishop Newman's Mother's Account Book, from 1928

1 volume, Minute Book, Catholic Literary Institute, 1948-, includes details of charwoman's wages

1 volume, Cashbook, 1849

1 box, Matrimonial Dispensations, 1887-1918

1 tray, Tinsley Papers
Documents relating to the Guiness girls, includes:
Deeds, 1893, relating to the disputed will of John R. Tinsely under which legacies were to go to Mrs Anna Maria McGuiness and her daughters, Evelyn and Daisy, with the remainder to the Good Shepherd Convents.
Letters relating to the education of the Guiness girls, from St Joseph's convent, Hendon, with accounts, for example, for boarding of Miss Daisy Mc Guiness for the quarter, 25 June 1895 and cheque stubs to the Reverend Mother of St Joseph's Convents.
Letters from Mrs Anna Maria McGuiness
Letters from her daughters to Mr William Spillane, executor of the will, for example, thanking him for money.
Letters from Spillane to the convent relating to money invested for the girls.
In 1892 the girls were aged 18 and 10.

AccessThe material in this repository is privately held. Access to the material is limited and at the discretion of the Diocesan Secretary. To have your application for access considered please write, giving precise details of your research project, to the Diocesan Secretary at the address provided.
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