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File on the Criminal Law Amendment Committee, 1933, includes:

Suggested Heads for a Bill to Amend the Criminal Law (Amendment) Acts 1880-1885, which includes suggestions on the age of consent, indecent assault, solicitation, brothel keeping, procuration, dance halls, contraception, no date on document.

Includes a Report on the Report of the Committee on the Criminal Law (Amendment) Acts and the question of juvenile prostitution.
On page 12 of the Report there is a reference to the memorandum submitted by the Very Reverend John Flanagan, PP, Fairview, Dublin. In the memorandum which was approved by His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin, Father Flanagan stated that "conduct that in other countries is confined to brothels is to be seen without let or hindrance on our public roads." Father Fitzpatrick of St Michael's Parish, Limerick, described public indecency as rampant in defiance of priests and police (page 13). 'He knew of girls being drugged or doped in Dance Halls and was a witness to misbehaviour in a Picture House a few days before he attended the Committee.' Other priests spoke nearly as strongly on the subject.
Unless these statements are exaggerated (as they may easily have been owing to the anxiety of the reverend gentlemen concerned to present a strong case to the Committee) the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that the ordinary feelings of decency and the influence of religion have failed in this country and that the only remedy is by way of police action. It is clearly undesirable that such a view of conditions in the Saorstat should be given wide circulation.'

Report of the second meeting of the Criminal Law Amendment Acts, 13 December 1932

Report on Warrants authorising the search of brothels, the search for contraceptives, and relating to Public Dancing, 1932

Reports on Dance Halls, signed D Browne, 10 March 1933, secretary of the Executive Council

Includes memorandum to each member of the Criminal Law Committee relating to matters which they still need to address, notably, probation officers and the question of women police
'The Carrigan Committee recommended that additional Probation Officers be appointed for the Dublin Metropolitan Police District and that a staff of at least 12 women police be organised in Dublin'.

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