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File on the Criminal Law Amendment Committee, 1932-1933, includes:
Copy correspondence between David Keane, Bishop of Limerick, to Mr Geoghegan, Department of Justice, for example:
Letter, 20 January 1933 from David Keane enclosing the report of the Standing Committee of the Irish Hierarchy, 17 January 1933, relating to the question of the amendment of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, includes details on the prohibition of the importation of contraceptives, age of consent, etc.

Suggested Heads for a Bill to amend the criminal law, amendment acts, 1880-1885, includes Heads of Bills on brothel keeping, procuration, and solicitation where the law is to apply to the whole country instead of to towns only.

Copy of the hierarchy's response to the 1931 Report of the Committee of the Criminal Law Amendment which discusses `men who traffic in young women', 'men interested in all girls indiscriminately, especially in young girls', men guilty of 'indecency' with girls

Letter to Geoghegan from Browne on the report of the Committee, discussing the negative influence of cinema and books, 'Unfortunately very little is being done of this preservative work for our poorer and working-class girls'. He is concerned that they should be shielded `from the contagion around them', and that the age of consent should be raised stating that `Girls under 18, need protection especially from employers or foremen. Lack of such protection between 16-18 has been responsible for many girls being driven to prostitution.' He continues `Imbecile women. I think it is in the interest of the state to protect weak-minded women, as they form one of the chief supplies of prostitutes. Stringency of the law in their regard would be a much needed deterrent'.

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