ReferenceMs930/volume 9
DescriptionMinutes of Evidence of the Commission on Vocational Organisation, includes:
Page 2928 evidence of the Irish Countrywomen's Association, witnesses Miss Mangan (Member of Executive Committee), Miss M Gahan (Member of Executive Committee), Miss J Donovan, Miss E Walsh (County Organiser), 21 November 1940
`Chairman: On behalf of the Commission, I wish to thank you very sincerely for the memorandum sent by your Association, and your attendance to supplement it. It gives a very full picture of the activities of the Association and there are not many questions that I have to put to you. This Commission is concerned mainly with organisation and with the value and practicability of organisation. We would like to hear you on that question, as to whether there are certain things that can be done for the community only by the organisation of certain elements in the community; in this case the women folk of rural Ireland. ...

Page 3065 evidence of Joint Committee on Vocationalism of:
(a) National Council of Women of Ireland
(b) Joint Committee of Women's Societies and Social Workers
(c) Catholic Women's Federation of Secondary School Unions
witnesses Mrs L Kingston (Honorary Secretary, National Council of Women of Ireland), Mrs P S O'Hegarty (Honorary Secretary, Joint Committee of Women's Societies and Social Workers), Mrs V Dempsey (Honorary Secretary, Catholic Women's Federation of Secondary School Unions and Honorary Secretary of Joint Committee on Vocationalism), 12 December 1940
`Chairman: I wish to thank you on behalf of the Commission for your memorandum, and for your attendance. The Commission is interested in the question of organisations, and the function they fulfil, or are capable of fulfilling, in the life of the country; and we are particularly interested in the... question of women's organisations, and their work. Your memorandum makes it quite clear that a great number of women's organisations engage in social activity on behalf of women and girls; on behalf of public health; and on behalf of public morality and cognate interests. Perhaps it would be better if I left it to yourselves to tell us how you have managed to secure co-ordination of all those activities in the Joint Committee that you represent;.'
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