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Memorandum of Irish Country Women's Association to the Commission on Vocational Organisation, July 1940. This details the history of the ICA from its foundation in 1910 under the name the United Irishwomen, organisation of the association and work of the association, for example,
The objects of these are:-
To learn to make the best use of home products and natural resources;
By lectures and demonstrations and other means to study subjects of interest to countrywomen, chiefly in relation to the rural home;
To improve handcrafts;
To brighten rural life by promoting social intercourse and recreation;
To discover and develop latent talent in their members'.
The memorandum also details activities of the association and its desire to work in co-operation `with all other bodies working for the good of the rural community'. It also records the development of the association, the finance of the association, present position of the association, countrywomen's organisations in other countries, value of a countrywomen's association, future aims of the Irish Countrywomen's Association'.
Amended to the memorandum, (1) a copy of the constitution, (2) extracts from the Triennial Reports (1939) of Countrywomen's Organisations in other countries.

Document 196 A
Supplementary Memorandum, of Irish Countrywomen's Association to the Commission on Vocational Organisation under headings:
(1) Vocational Organisation, subheadings:
The Countrywoman's Place
Form of Representation
(2) Rural Education, subheadings:
The Function of the Irish Countrywomen's Association
Primary Education
Vocational [education]
Agricultural [education]
Folk Schools
Parish Halls
(3) Increased Production.
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Date1910; 1939; 1940
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