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Document 200
Memorandum, 15 November 1940, submitted to the Commission on Vocational Organisation by the Joint Committee on Vocationalism which is composed of:
The National Council of Women of Ireland
The Joint Committee of Women's Societies and Social Workers
The Catholic Women's Federation of Secondary School Unions

The memorandum provides details of each of the groups which make up the Joint Committee on Vocationalism with details on affiliated women's organisations, for example:
Women's National Health Association of Ireland (Incorporated)
The Irish Save the Children Fund (Saor an Leanbh)
The Irish Women's Workers' Union
The Girls' Friendly Society in Ireland
The Irish Women Citizens' and Local Government Association
The Irish Matrons Association
Cork Council of Women
Belfast Women Citizens' Union
Irish Union of Assistant Mistresses in Secondary Schools (Southern Branch)
National University Women Graduates' Association
Dublin University Women Graduates' Association
The Irish Schoolmistresses' Association
The Irish Nurses' Association
The Irish Hospital Almoners' Association
The Women's Social and Progressive League
The Mothers' Union, St Patrick's Guild, Dublin.

Document 200A
provides notes on some women's organisations in other countries, submitted by the Joint Committee on Vocationalism

Document 200B
Offers addition to evidence by Joint Committee of Vocationalism
under headings
(1) `The scope and great importance for the community of the home-maker's work'.
(2) `The efforts made at present by various organisations to deal with problems affecting the home-maker'.
(3) `The desirability of local organisations of home-makers throughout the country. These should be able to deal more efficiently and successfully with many of the problems arising'.
This document is signed W R O'Hegarty, Joint Honorary Secretary, Joint Committee of Women's Societies and Social Workers.

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