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File relating to prostitution, 1946-1948, includes:
Submission from Miss Marjorie Quinn, Assumpta Curia, the Legion of Mary, relating to the 'Third Line' Youth Movement.
'Our reason for submitting this evidence is that we have been brought into touch with a large number of young girls through our "Third Line" Clubs, and have had an opportunity of noting the spiritual, moral and cultural development which has taken place in their case. We are satisfied moreover that the Clubs have developed certain qualities in their members, the absence of which might result in these girls falling into the delinquent classes'.

Letter from Joseph Groome, Groomes' Hotel, to G. Uasal Ó Beoláin, TD, Aire Dlí agus Cirt, Átha Cliath, 9 April 1946, wants to bring to his attention
'the very undesirable situation which has arisen owing to the conduct at night of persons who frequent the lane adjoining this Hotel...
The lane in question is Rutland Place, off Cavendish Row at the corner of Parnell Square. It is unlighted, and being so centrally situated, it has attracted prostitutes who gather there every night and in particularly large numbers on Fridays and Saturdays. The scenes on these nights are disgraceful and the language used is, to say the least, revolting.

The file includes other documents relating to complaints by Mr Groome.

Reports of alleged prostitution in other areas, for example, in the streets at the rear of Clery's restaurant, 29 October 1946.

Includes, for year ended 30 September 1939 and for the year ended September 1945 total number of females committed, number known to the prostitutes, number other than prostitutes, the number of prostitutes suffering from VD, the number of others suffering from VD, the percentage of the total known to be prostitutes, the percentage of prostitutes suffering from VD.

Includes list of prostitutes convicted in the Dublin District Courts, 1945-1946, includes names, date of conviction, sentence or otherwise.

Includes memorandum on the prostitution question commissioned by the Department of Justice, 1947.

Ad hoc Committee (Department of Justice) on the Suppression of Prostitution, Meeting Minutes, 4 October 1947, December 1947, 17 January 1948, 21 February 1948, 20 March 1948, the latter details the treatment of women and men for venereal disease, and proposes the setting up of a clinic in Mountjoy rather than sending the prisoners out for treatment.

Report submitted by Deputy Commissioner Murphy, 26 March 1925, on the present legal facilities possessed by the police for dealing with prostitution, soliciting, brothel keeping.

Copy of the Health Act, 1947, includes, Part III, Mother and Child Service, Part IV, Chapter I, legislation on infectious disease.

Memorandum on work being carried out in the Sancta Maria Hostel run by the Legion of Mary Dublin.

Typed Report on the Almoners' Department in VD Hospital.

Includes a letter, 14 April 1948, from Miss M Mortell, Legion of Mary, Regina Coeli Hostel, enclosing a copy of a letter from a woman who had her child placed in an industrial school in Longford by the NSPCC, she now regrets this step. The woman, Maureen V Taylor, promised Mary Mortell that should her child, Violet be returned to her she would have a 'very good "Catholic" home.'

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