CollectionRosamund Jacob Papers
DescriptionPlays, poems and prose:

Ms33,116 Drafts of three three act plays: `French Help', `The Friend of Brian' (page one of Act three excepted) and `The Plain Truth', 3 folders

Ms33,117 Notebooks containing various stories: `Theo and Nix', `Chronological Outlines of the History of Ralta', `The Fellowship of the Four Jewels' and `Beechgrove'. (Notes at the end of `The Fellowship of the Four Jewels' refer to executions in 1922/1923 and to Rosamund Jacob's own arrest), 7 items

Ms33,118 Essays and stories by Rosamund Jacob, including her translation of Patrick Pearse's story, `Barbara', 6 items

Ms33,119 Notebooks containing poems and prose by various authors (in English, Irish and French), 2 items

Ms33,120 Poems (some by Rosamund Jacob). Includes a series on the life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, 24 pages

Ms33,121 Miscellaneous notes and jottings, 5 notebooks

Ms33,122 Copies of the `Urbs Intacta' magazine [compiled by Rosamund Jacob and her brother T F H (Freddy) Jacob] for the years 1903, 1904, 1911 and 1913.
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