CollectionRosamund Jacob Papers
DescriptionFamily Papers relating to the Jacobs, Harveys and Webbs:

Ms33,233(1)-(5) Letters to and by various members of the Jacob and Harvey families and their relatives, 11 January 1861-18 October 1881; 25 March 1876-4 May 1881, including:
Letters from Louis Jacob to Edmund Harvey

Two [one incomplete] letters to his sister Hannah

Twelve letters from Richard Webb to Elizabeth Harvey with one from Webb to Thomas Harvey, 26 August 1862-18 March 1867

Letter from Elizabeth Walpole Harvey to her mother, Mrs Walpole, 14 St Mary's Road, Dublin, with an account of visit to the home of Annie Besant and a meeting with Dr Aveling and Charles Bradlaugh, 8 August 1880

Letter from [Hannah L] Harvey to her mother, with account of a visit to the House of Commons for the Women's Suffrage debate, 13 June 1884

Letters to Rosamund Jacob from her father, 1893-1894, and from her brother Tom.

Letters to Rosamund Jacob from Francis Sheehy Skeffington, Richard S Orr and Tony Farrington, 15 June 1853; 6 June 1894; 23 September 1920; 1909-1917

Two letters from Rosamund Jacob to her aunt Hannah (Harvey), July 1922

Letter from Dorothy (Farrington) Jacob to Hannah (Harvey)5 May 1928,

Ms 33,234 Diaries/Diary Extracts,
Diary of [Mary Webb], pages in later hand torn out, 4 January 1831-[June 1833]

Diary of Henrietta Harvey, 31 March 1876-June 1877

Diary entry of Elizabeth Harvey regarding the death of her granddaughter Betty (Jacob). [Betty was the eldest child of Louis Jacob and Henrietta Harvey Jacob], 1884

Ms 33,235 (1) Five photographs, includes:
Three girls [Henrietta, Hannah and Helen Harvey?], c1860
Rosamond Jacob, 12 May 1912.
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Century19th, 20th
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