CollectionIrish Girl Guides

Minute Books:
98/2/1/I March 1915-October 1919
BPGG General Committee
1 volume

98/2/1/II October 1919-September 1933
January 1932-June 1935
September 1935-March 1942
April 1942-December 1947
January 1948-September 1953
December 1953-October 1961
January 1962-October 1972
November 1972-November 1979
Irish Free State Girl Guides Executive Committee and County Committees Annual Meeting, 8 volumes

98/2/1/III November 1919-June 1930
Central County Committee, 1 volume

98/2/1/IV November 1929-March 1934
Girl Guide Association (Incorporated) Irish Free State
Provisional General Council
1 volume

98/2/1/V May 1934-February 1960
Irish Free State Girl Guides General Council
1 volume

98/2/1/VI January 1932-July 1932
International Camp Committee
1 volume

98/2/1/VII 1935-1949
February 1949-December 1955
January 1956-March 1966
October 1966-March 1974
Camping Committee, 4 volumes

98/2/1/VIII January 1938-August 1938
Guiders Holiday Camp, Bantry, Committee (with programmes/agenda, Courts of Honour, names and addresses), 1 volume

98/2/1/IX September 1943-August 1948
Baden Powell Memorial Committee, 1 volume

98/2/1/X 1948-1949
Handicraft Exhibitions Committees, 2 volumes

98/2/1/XI January 1958-May 1976
January 1977-November 1983
Guide Branch Committee (representatives from Dublin and branches at Head Quarters), 2 volumes

98/2/1/XII October 1960-June 1962
Jubilee Camp Committee, 1 volume.

98/2/1/XIII 1964-June 1968
Promise and Law Committee (Head Quarters), 1 volume

98/2/1/XIV December 1985-May 1986
75th Committee, 1 volume

98/2/1/XV January 1935-October 1975
County Dublin Girl Guides Association/Irish Girl Guides Dublin Area Annual Meeting, 2 volumes

98/2/1/XVI October 1920-February 1973
County Dublin Executive, 7 volumes

98/2/1/XVII January 1936-February 1943
March 1943-1948
March 1948-September 1957
October 1957-October 1962
October 1962-March 1972
County Dublin Guiders (1962-1972 has attendance figures), 5 volumes

98/2/1/XVIII February 1915-May 1925
Captain's Committee 'Co Dublin Officers', 1 volume

98/2/1/XIX October 1916-March 1933
March 1933-October 1952
Girl Guides County Dublin Branch Badge Committee, 2 volumes

98/2/1/XX September 1948-June 1959
March 1959-February 1967
November 1976-October 1983
Brownie Guiders Meeting (County Dublin Brown Owls), 3 volumes

98/2/1/XXI October 1967-September 1975
City/Third Division, 1 volume.

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