CollectionIrish Girl Guides

Correspondence files

98/5/1/I 1925-1933
Cuttings from Catholic press
Including copy of the Catholic Bulletin, 1932 editorial, 'Masonry, Protestantism & Guides', and Catholic Bulletin editorial relating to the Dartry Fete, July 1933
1 file

98/5/1/II 1930-1937
Correspondence, cuttings papers relating to Catholics
Also copy of Catholic Boy Scots of Ireland organisations and rules and correspondence to Arethusa Leigh-White, mainly from Miss Mac Dermott, Honorary Secretary to the Catholic Advisory Committee
1 file

98/5/1/III 1932-1958
Catholic Advisory Committee (Catholic Council from 1949), Reports, with Irish Language and Arts Committee Report, 1937
1 file

98/5/1/IV 1930-1931, 1935
Letters from and about Lady Franks, County Commissioner, Limerick
1 file

98/5/1/V 1931
Letters relating to Lady Dunalley, County Commissioner, Tipperary
1 file

98/5/1/VI 1932
International Camp at Powerscourt
List of names and essential kit, with programmes
1 file

98/5/1/VII c1936-1938
St Bridget Guides, subsequently The Catholic Girl Guides of Ireland
1 file

98/5/1/VIII 1941, 1948
Letters relating to 'Irish Lourdes' at Inchicore and Catholic Guides
2 documents, 1 file

98/5/1/IX 1953-1954
Visit of Dame Leslie Whateley, Director, World Bureau, to Ireland. Includes correspondence relating to the Catholic Guides in European countries and attempts to contact the Roman Catholic hierarchy

98/5/1/ c1967-1970
Catholic Guides, International Conference, E.O. Beatty's file
1 file.

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