CollectionIrish Girl Guides

General Correspondence

98/5/3/I 1929-1932
Correspondence, mainly to Mrs Arethusa Leigh-White and Miss Kathleen Scott relating to the procedural and branch matters and events
1 file

98/5/3/II 1930-1934
Irish Free State Girl Guides membership of WAGGS,
Constitution, correspondence and reports
1 file

98/5/3/III 1931-1932
World Association
'Our Chalet', Abelboden, Switzerland
Quo Vadis Council, 1933, E.O. Beatty files
1 file

98/5/3/IV 1933
File of correspondence, accounts, reports, notes, programmes, etc., relating to International Dance Festival [see album] and the Dartry Fete, both July 1933. Includes Minutes of Fete Sub-Committee, and list of names
1 file

98/5/3/V October 1934
File of correspondence relating to the Irish Free State Girl Guides Bridge Tournament organised by Lady Powerscourt
1 file

98/5/3/VI 1937-1947
General correspondence. References to the death of Mrs Mark Kerr, 1944, Miss Moore, 1947
1 file

98/5/3/VII Correspondence and reports to the Girl Guide Association
1 file

98/5/3/VIII 1939-1942
Government correspondence, war-time provisions
1 file

98/5/3/IX 1947-1948
Status of the President: Arethusa Leigh-White and Lady Sheila Powerscourt
1 file

98/5/3/X 1956-1966
Irish Red Cross
1 file

98/5/3/XI 1959-1960
Civil Defence
1 file.

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