Material relating to orphanages, St Matha's Bundoran, Middletown, St Joseph's Bundoran:

ORP21/GB10 Letter to General Balfour from Mother Francis Owens

ORP22/GB10 Inspector's Report, 1897

ORP23/GB10 Typed report on the Reformatory in Monaghan, High Park Dublin and Limerick

ORP24/GB10 2 Registers of the Reformatory

ORP25/GB10 Bound book relating to St Martha's Industrial School

ORP26/GB10 Spiral bound book relating to St Joseph's Orphanage, Bundoran

ORP27/GB10 Mother Genevieve's letter announcing the establishment of the Reformatory

ORP28/GB10 Government statistics relating to Reformatory and Industrial Schools

ORP29/GB10 Letter relating to the Reformatory from the Lord Lieutenant, E Gardiner

ORP30/GB10 Letter to Mr Fagan relating to the transfer of 20 children from Sparks Lake to St Joseph's Reformatory, Limerick, from Sister Ignatius Moroney

ORP31/GB10 Letter from D McAleese relating to St Martha's

ORP32/GB10 Letter from John Fagan, Dublin Castle, relating to Reformatory Schools, 1902

ORP33/GB10 Letter from Mother Frances Owen to Sir Anthony MacDonnell relating to the withdrawal of certificate

ORP34/GB10 Letter relating to the withdrawal of the certificate, with minutes

ORP35/GB10 Manager's Report [Mother Genevieve Beale]

ORP36/GB10 Document relating to the withdrawal of the certificate with 2 registers of St Joseph's Industrial School, Middletown

ORP37/GB10 Picture, framed, St Martha's Industrial School, 1972

ORP38/GB10 Picture, framed, a group of sisters outside the Carrickmacross workhouse, 1921

ORP39/GB10 2 pictures, framed, the first of St Joseph's Orphanage, Bundoran, the second of a headstone, with an obiturary list of St Martha's Industrial school, 1869-1964.

Century19th, 20th

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