Material relating to the life of Mother Genevieve Beale with related matter:

01MG/GB14 Life of Mother Genevieve Beale, hand written, 2 copies

02MG/GB14 Annals of the Dames of St Louis, 2 copies

03MG/GB14 Short account of the origin of the Congregation of the Ladies of St Louis

04MG/GB14 Journal in English of the events during our Monaghan or diary of Sister Claire O'Sullivan

05MG/GB14 Genevieve Beale's photographs, 5 copies

06MG/GB14 Annals of the Dames of St Louis

07MG/GB14 Copies of subscriptions in aid of the Convent Schools, Monaghan, June 1862

08MG/GB14 Death certificate of Mother Genevieve Beale

09MG/GB14 Significant dates in Mother Genevieve Beale's life

10MG/GB14 Obsequies of Mother Genevieve Beale taken from 'The People's Advocate'

11MG/GB14 Letters from Mother Xavier to Sister Angela, 2 copies

12MG/GB14 Letters from Mother Genevieve

13MG/GB14 Excerpts from `Some aspects of the education of Irish Women through the years'

14MG/GB14 A sketch of Mother Magdalen Bray from the Annals of the South Presentation Convent, Douglas street, Cork

15MG/GB14 Reminiscences of St Louis by Mother Angela Kehoe and her sister

16MG/GB14 Article by Mother Alphonsus Beale, niece of Mother Genevieve

17MG/GB14 Letter from J. Lentaigne to the Bishop

18MG/GB14 Letter from E. Woodlock to Mother Genevieve.


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