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For a guide to the Irish Language Manuscripts in Trinity College, Dublin see, T K Abbott and E J Gwynn, `Catalogue of the Irish Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin' (Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, and Company, 1921).
For example:
TCDMs1136 A portfolio, containing Miscellaneous Papers of W M Hennessy, including:
6 Duald Mac Firbis on the wife of Eochaidh Muidhmedhon: Irish and English
9 Celebrated women of Ireland, from the Book of Lecan, pages 184-189

TCDMs1285 Miscellanea, In the handwriting of Hugh O'Daly in 1752, includes:
Folio 35b, History of St Juliana, virgin martyr
Folio 81 The Life of St Brigid, `as handed down by writers who were contemporary with her, and as preserved by tradition'
Folio 164a, column 2, middle, List of homonymous female saints, beginning with 28 Brigits
Folio 165 Names of the mothers of Irish saints

TCDMs1286 Leabhar Gabhala or Book of Invasions, compiled in 1631 in the Franciscan Convent of Lisgoole, County Fermanagh, includes:
Page 93, `Of Ciarnat, daughter of the king of the Picts, and how she was taken captive, and how Cormac, grandson of Conn, obtained her from her captors, and took her to his house, and of Ethne's harsh treatment of her, etc., followed by the poem: Ciarnat cumhal Chormac choirp'

TCDMs1288 Tales and Poems, transcribed by Hugh O'Daly in the year 1750, includes:
Folio 131b By Donogh M'Keogh on the deaths of John O'Byrne and his sister Margaret, son and daughter of Fiacha: Goin deiri caillior cluithche, 26 quatrains

TCDMs1318 The Yellow Book of Lecan and Miscellanea, includes the following poem:
155 By Tadhg Og O'Higgin, on Grania, wife of Roderic O'Conor: Cia do ghabhainn co Grainne, 23 stanzas
185 By Tadhg Og O'Higgin, on the imprisonment of Tadhg O'Brien and the death of Grainne, daughter of O'Kelly: Da bhraighid uaim a n-Inir, 23 ranns
186 By Tadhg Og O'Higgin, on the daughter of O'Kelly: Duthaidh deorudh Magh Maine
212 by Tuathal O'Higgin on Brian son of Hugh O'Conor and his wife Margaret daughter of O'Farrell: Rugadh teinne a teach Meadba, 42 ranns
Column 341 (329) Account of the journey of Eogan Mor Taidhlech to Spain and his marriage of Momera, the kin's daughter, called `Tochmarcc Momera, and the birth of Oilill Olum.
Columns 365, 366 An account of the mother and five sisters of St Patrick

TCDMs1336 Brehon Law Tracts and Miscellanea, includes:
Column 734 l 12 List of women celebrated in Irish history as mothers or wives of illustrious personages. Begins with Scota, mother of Gaedheal Glas
Column 787 Anecdote of Cuacht, daughter of Caelbadh Magh Ailbhe in Leinster, with short notices of other Leinster families
Column 793 Short notices of several persons famous in ancient Irish history, includes an account of the grief of Acaill, daughter of Cairpri, for the death of her brother Erc
Column 870 Bean Seanchas. List of the famous women of antiquity, beginning with Eve

TCDMs1337 Miscellanea, a volume including fragments of books of various sizes and different ages, includes:
Page 214 Corus fine feneachus. Family and tribe laws concerning the disposal of property, etc.

TCDMs1354 `Keating's History of Ireland', and Miscellanea, written by Domnall Mac Giolla Comhaill, 1704, includes:
Folio 214 Poem: Diologue of Emer and Laoigh

TCDMs1365 A miscellaneous volume, written in 1757 by Tadhg MacNamara, includes:
Page 129 By William Mac Cartan (an duna) on the death of James Cotter (or MacCotter ) Esquire, who was hanged at Cork for the violation of Alice Squib, Quaker
Page 142 Eoghan Mac Carthy on the death of Doreen, duaghter of walter Power, 1736

TCDMs1381 Collection of Peoms, written by three or more scribes, one of whom is Turlough O'Reilly, includes:
Page 27 Feuch fein an obair ri a Aodh a mhic Briain a bhlath fionnchraobh, addressed to Aodh ua Ruairc by his wife, telling him how Tomas Costello (son of Siurtan son of Dubhaltach) is tempting her. The latter part is addressed to Tomas himself

TCDMs1385 Poems and Miscellanea, includes:
Page 140 A prayer in verse by Mrs Martha House: `O thou that hast ordained through our transgression'

TCDMs1436 Medical and Physical Treatises, includes:
Page 101 A treatise on the diseases of women
Page 359b `Secundum dominam Trotulam quedam mulieres sunt grasiles, quedam groise'. Recipes to cure ailments of women.

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