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For example:
Number 26 Mrs Elizabeth Blake of Dublin, conformed 19 March 1703
Number 96 Mary Browne, Diocese of Cashell, conformed, 21 February 1730
Number 74 Margaret Magrath of Dublin, conformed 12 September 1736.

Articles with Irish Chiefs Denizations, General Pardons, Commissions and Pensions, etc.
Listed under Denizations of the Irish, Scots, and other Foreigners listsf Morine Karlowe, wife of the Earl of Desmond, 21 June 1541.

Includes details of a Provision to Lady Catheine Cuningham, widow of Sir James Cuningham, who was left destitute with one son and two daughters to provide for.

Includes in the Lists of General Pardon:
Pardon to Dame Catharine Bulleler of Carraghemore, County Waterford, widow, 1548.
Pardon to Mary Plunket, wife of the Baron of Loughry, 6 August 1661.

Includes in the Lists of Wardships
Anne daughter and Heir of Philip Morrice of Newtown, Kings County granted to Henry Williams, Fine £2, 9 August 1596.

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