Interview on the subject of Mother's Day and Saint Patrick's Day.

Interviewer, Conor Kenneally

Interviewee, Fifth class, North Monastery National School, Cork.

For example:

Conor Kenneally: 'Okay then, Colin, tell us what you know about Mother's Day'

C.T. - 'I think Mother's Day started because before, if you were married to a man you'd have to walk ten feet behind him, and it's like when you married the man you used to have to. He sort of owned you, and, and you usen't be able t get a job or anything, like he usen't even pay or nothing and you had to, sometimes you had to buy your wives and then that meant you owned them'.

Conor Kenneally: `Okay, and so where does `Mother's Day' come into that:'

C.T. - Well, like, I think some Mothers rebelled'.

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