CollectionPembroke Estate Papers

Various correspondents to Lord Fitzwilliam, concerns mostly matters relating to the estate, to patronage and to social gossip, especially from Lord Carbery, 4 August 1740 - 28 March 1772, includes:
7: 'A List of Tenants Names who is Living on the Lands of Dundrum, etc., with an account of what each pays for their houldings', 1744

38: Carbery relating to his marriage and selling an estate, 3 March 1760

39: Carbery relating to the conduct of his mother (Fitzwilliam's sister), 25 March 1760

51: John Fitzwilliam relating to Mrs Fagan's administration of the estate and the case against the Miss Matthews

68: Mary Connell relating to the possible purchase of ground in Merrion Square, 27 September 1763

73: Lady Arbella Denny relating to the need for an asylum for the Magdalen Charity and suggesting a chapel at Merrion Street/Square and a possible asylum at Baggot Street.

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