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Letters from William Fitzwilliam, Dublin, to his brother, the Right Honourable Viscount Fitzwilliam, Jermyn Street, St James, concerns mostly matters relating to the estate, to patronage and to social and political gossip, with family news, 9 July 1752 - 13 April 1763 (1772), includes:

15: Letter relating to William Fitzwilliam's wife's third miscarriage and her need for salt water bathing, with a discussion of India bonds, 22 May 1753

18: Letter relating to ? lease at Owenstown; the writer's wife is bathing at the black rock, 16 June 1753

22: Letter relating to the bathing group of Mrs Fitzwilliam and Lady Gormanstown, with a discussion of the writer's social and financial position in Dublin, 23 August 1753

26: Letter relating to pr‚cis leases; the writer's and recipient's wives are pregnant 'but remember, you are to give a strange name to a Child of yours, before I call one Christopher, or any other odd one', 1 November 1753

32: Letter relating to the writer's wife's English lottery ticket and the writer's son, Oliver, 17 January 1754

36: Letter relating to a pr‚cis lease of Irishtown; the writer's wife requests 'a quarter of a Pd of Scarlet Worsted for knitting of Garters,' 12 March 1754

39: Letter relating to tree planting clause in leases; two girls sent to a Charter School; the new Rampart at the Salt House carried away, 16 October 1754

40: Letter relating to the writer's daughter to be buried at Donnybrook, 2 November 1754

45: Letter relating to building lease to Lady Arbella Deny [at Blackrock] 'As it will bring an improving Tenant to the place & be of some advantage', 18 January 1755

48: Letter relating to the lease of land bordering on the New North Avenue from Merrion into that of Owenstown, with a gravel pit; difficulties with Lady Arbella Denny, 30 January 1755

49: Letter relating to child's nurse married by a Couple Beggar, 11 February 1755

50: Letter relating to Lord Kildare's obligation 'to open the way from Kildare Street to Clare Street' and his intentions; difficulties with Lady Arbella Denny

51: Letter relating to draft power of attorney for the writer to treat with Lady Denny, 20 February 1755

71: Letter relating to, among other things, the marriage of Lord Pembroke, 29 January 1756

73: Letter with comments on Lady Pembroke and Mr Barnard, 24 February 1756

87: Letter relating to, among other things, his wife's hopes of an inheritance from her father Boucher, 7 September 1756

105: Letter relating to, among other things, the illness of the writer's wife after childbirth, 15 December 1757

106: Letter relating to, among other things, the writer's wife's need for asses milk, air and exercise, 7 February 1758

108: Letter relating to the death of Lady Allen, 11 March 1758

110: Letter relating to the death of the writer's son Oliver; illness of the baby's wetnurse, death of baby expected, 6 June 1758

111: Letter relating to the death of the writer's daughter, 10 June 1758

115: Letter relating to the agent to the Carbery estate and the possible return of the Dowager Lady Carbery, the writer's sister, from Boulogne, 22 February 1759

126: Letter relating to the birth of the writer's daughter, 27 December 1759

127: Letter relating to, among other things, the baptism of the writer's daughter, 'Julia (a curious name in a Romance)', 29 January 1760

132: Letter relating to a Letter of Attorney to Mrs Fagan, she offers to be agent, 7 February 1761

133: Letter relating to Mrs Fagan, 'She is in business most Adroit & Clever', 12 March 1761

140: Letter relating to the death of the writer's wife, 17 September 1761

152: Letter relating to the expense of Mount Merrion which is rarely used, the writer's need to educate his daughter; he contemplates a return to London, 17 March 1763

155: William Fitzwilliam to Lady [Fitzwilliam?] relating to building on Merrion Street and Merrion Square by Connell, 21 February 1772

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