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Letters from Mrs B. Verschoyle to [John, Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion], mostly concerning developments and improvements on the estate, little concerning tenants or leases, 31 May 1817-20 December 1828, includes:

1: Letter relating to abatements of rents, the great distress in Ireland, the new school system in Ireland and the establishment of such a school in Bray, 31 May 1817

2: Letter relating to the possible ejectment of a tenant (Mrs Ledwige) due to arrears of rent, 11 June 1817

3: Letter relating to, among other issues, a subscription to the Booterstown Female School, 5 February 1818

4: Letter relating to assistance to the poor at Rings End and Irishtown -'it is scarcely cridible- the nomber of Children they have - few of those families have less than 6 or 8 Children - & most of them very young some under a year old. I had no idea of any thing like it; the `poor shop' attached to the female school in Booterstown adjoining the Chapel; large schoolroom built adjoining Stillorgan Church; school at Booterstown, need for clothes, 2 February 1822

5: Letter relating to Hibernian Mining Company wanting a small house on Ticknock Mountain, 3 May 1825

6: Letter relating to the death of Mr Verschoyle, she wishes to give up the Agency, 30 August 1827

7: Mrs Verschoyle will continue with the Agency if Fitzwilliam does not appoint Sullivan as successor, 31 August 1827

8: Mrs Verschoyle to Lady Pembroke sending a miniature of Lord Pembroke; anticipated estimate for building a Chapel at Irish Town; Pembroke charity to the poor; Pembroke subscriptions to build the boys school in Irish Town and a church in Booterstown, 20 December 1828

9: Letter relating to the state of Rings End, Irishtown and the beaches; the distress of the poor in Ringsend and Irishtown -'I am sorry to say there is not much inclination for industry amongst them & as long as they cou'd be supported without work they wou'd do nothing'; some sheep killing, no date [pre August 1827].

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