CollectionIrish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
Collection DescriptionThe Irish Housewives Association (IHA) was formed in 1942, to gain recognition for the right of housewives to play an active part in society. Dr. Hilda Tweedy was the custodian of these records for many years. She was a founder member, and a lifetime member, of the IHA.
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Irish Housewives Association, Committees
Minutes and Draft Minutes with agenda and ballot papers:
1 1942-1943, Draft Minutes with Membership
2 1944-1950, Minutes and Draft Minutes
3 November 1950-November 1951, Draft Minutes and agenda, with notes, Irish Housewives Association, officers and committee and Editorial board, Emergency; Safety First, 1 exercise book
4 1955-1972, 1974, Central Committee Minutes with Executive Committee Proposals
5 1956-1972, Members Meeting Minutes (incomplete)
6 General Meeting and Sub-Committees' Minutes
7 May-October 1968, Draft Members' Meeting and Committee Minutes, with enclosed correspondence, press cuttings, notes, 1 exercise book
8 May-1959-October 1962
9 October 1962-July 1967
10 September 1967-January 1969
11 December 1968-May 1970
12 June 1969-June 1973
13 January 1972-September 1975
14 June 1975-November 1976
15 November 1976-April 1979
16 June 1984-April 1990, Minute Books containing some or all of the Annual General Meetings, Central, Members, Branches, Special and Extra General Meetings, 9 volumes (many of these are in poor condition)
17 September 1972-November 1976
18 November 1976-June 1985
19 March 1989-1992, Members Meeting Minutes, 3 volumes
20 1975-1990, Members Meetings Attendance Book
21 October 1990-June 1992, Central (Executive) Minutes
22 Executive Council Meetings Attendance Book
23 1949-1953
24 1971-1972, Constitution Amendment Committee Minutes, 2 files
25 November 1948-November 1966, Organising Committee and Irish Housewives Association, later called Propaganda Committee
Note: `now called Publicity sub-committee continued from old book, May 1961', 1 exercise book
26 1961-1968 Publicity Sub-Committee, membership lists, correspondence, report
27 June 1974-May 1975, Publicity Committee with enclosures, notes relating to the annual dinner, with booking form and menu, 1976, 1 exercise book
28 1966-1967, Silver Jubilee Minute Book, with enclosed Minutes of the Central Committee, 1972, 1 notebook
29 November 1970-April 1971, National Food Hygiene Week Committee, with enclosures, Minutes of June 1970, correspondence and publicity/press releases, 1 exercise book
30 January 1971-May 1972, Ad Hoc Committee, War on Prices, Minutes with enclosed draft letters and handbills, 1 exercise book
31 c.1970, Ad Hoc Committee, notebook with lecture notes.

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