CollectionIrish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
Collection DescriptionThe Irish Housewives Association (IHA) was formed in 1942, to gain recognition for the right of housewives to play an active part in society. Dr. Hilda Tweedy was the custodian of these records for many years. She was a founder member, and a lifetime member, of the IHA.
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DescriptionIrish Housewives Association, Committees
International Sub-committee, correspondence files with loose minutes and papers:
I 1961, Delegates to the International Women's Meeting in Paris with press cuttings and papers relating to the Common Market, 1 file
ii 1958, 1961-1965, correspondence and reports, 1 file
iii 1966-1970, minutes, reports and correspondence, with programmes and papers on the Human Rights Symposium, 1968 [see also general correspondence files] and on Education in a Changing World Seminar, 1970, 1 file
iv 1967-1970 Hilda Tweedy's file of correspondence and papers on the Status of Women, International Alliance of Women and United Nations, with reports of the IAW congresses to the Irish Housewives Association. The file also contains material on the Ad Hoc Youth Committee [see also general correspondence], 1 file
v 1968, Delegates Meeting Minute Book, Central Hotel, 30 January 1968 (Delegates from The Altrusa, Irish Countrywomen's Association, Widows Association)
vi 1968-1970 Setting up Ad Hoc Committee, correspondence, including Joint Committee letters, 1 file
vii 1970-1991, minutes, reports and correspondence, including on the Commission of the Status of Women Papers, 1971, 1 file
viii 1972-1975 International Committee, Status of Women and IAW correspondence with reports, 1 file
ix 1976-1977, International Committee, Status of Women and IAW correspondence with reports, minutes and draft minutes, Gretta Morrison file
x 1983 Minutes of the International Committee [not Irish Housewives Association] Meetings held at the Council for the Status of Women offices, 1 file
xi 1987-1989, correspondence with papers of the Status of Women. Also IAW and International Understanding Committee press release relating to rape. Hilda Tweedy's file with notebook, 1 file.
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