CollectionIrish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
Collection DescriptionThe Irish Housewives Association (IHA) was formed in 1942, to gain recognition for the right of housewives to play an active part in society. Dr. Hilda Tweedy was the custodian of these records for many years. She was a founder member, and a lifetime member, of the IHA.
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Irish Housewives Association, Correspondence
Submission and Campaigns with associated papers:
1941, original copy of Housewives' petition to the government on food production and prices. 'Memorandum on the Food and Fuel Emergency', with alphabetically ordered names and addresses, 1 folder
1941-1942, correspondence relating to the petition, with report on the formation and aims of the Irish Housewives Association, 1 file
1942-1955, milk supplies and Milk Tribunal, submissions and notes, with press cuttings and report of inquiry. Two editions of `Irish [Workers Weekly] Review' with articles by Hilda Tweedy relating to the Tribunal, 1 file
No date [1940s], memorandum of the draft Food Hygiene Regulations
1946, correspondence on the price of sanitary towels, 1 file
1946; 1952, summary of evidence to the Price Advisory Board on the price of eggs, 1 file
1947, Questionnaire on rent, fuel and food prices, Irish Housewives Association and Lower Prices Councils, 1 file
1947-1948, Memorandum for the Taoiseach on the high cost of living, 1 file
1947; 1951-1952, Price Advisory Board Inquiry on fuel, gas and coke, 1 file
1948-1949, meat campaign: correspondence with Dublin Master Victuallers, 1 file
1948-1950, investigation into the price of fish, 1 file
1948; 1959, memorandum submitted to the Commission of Inquiry into Emigration and Other Population Problems with a letter from the Working Committee on Emigration, c1959, 1 file
1950, inquiry into the price of meat: drafts, reports, notes, cuttings
1951, memorandum submitted by Irish Housewives Association Sub-Committee on Education to the Council of Education on the Function and Curriculum of Primary Schools, with a memorandum to the Minister for Education from the Irish Women Workers' Union on the needs of children in National Schools, no date, 1 file
1951-1952, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into soap prices, 1 file
1951, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into meat prices, 1 file
1951, Price Advisory Board, inquiry, notes and evidence on jam prices, 1 file
November-December 1954, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into pork prices margins, 1 file
1955, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into gas prices, Lower Prices Council and Irish Housewives Association evidences, correspondence and notes, 1 file
1955, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into the prices of newspapers
1955, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into coal prices, 1 file
1955, Submission to the Fair Trade Commission relating to the supply and distribution of grocery goods and provisions, 1 file
1955-1956, correspondence on the Flour and Bread Inquiry, with annotated copy of the Interim and Final Report of 1949 and press cuttings. Also notes and cuttings on the Oatmeal Prices Inquiry, 1 file
1956, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into the price of cocoa, 1 file
1956, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into the prices of fresh meat, 1 file
June 1956, summary of evidence on the increase in the price of electricity, 1 file
1956, Report of Inquiry into Proprietary and Patent Medicines, with press cuttings, 1 file
1959, memorandum on the treatment of proven youthful offenders, 1 file
1960, restrictive trade practices, notes and press and radio announcement, 1 file
1962, memorandum on law reform, response to the white paper, 1 file
1966, Price Advisory Board, inquiry into flour and bread, 1 file
1966, Electricity Price Advisory Board Inquiry into Electricity Supply Board prices, 1 file
1970, petition to the National Council for the Status of Women, 1 file
1971, further submission on the Restrictive Trade Practices, 1 file
1987, United Nations Conventions, articles 1/3 and 5, Discrimination against Women, 1 file
1991, submission to the Fair Trade Commission on restrictive practices in the Grocery Trade, 1 file
1945-1972, Associated papers, assorted campaigns on prices: letters, reports, cuttings, including material on import duty on oranges, 1945
1965; 1967-1969, monthly prices stabilisation orders [with gaps], 1 file
1950-1961, assorted press cuttings on prices campaigns, including:
butter, 1950
potatoes, 1950
fares, 1955
tea, 1955
fish, 1961
nylons, 1961
1 file.

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