CollectionIrish Housewives Association (Hilda Tweedy Papers)
Collection DescriptionThe Irish Housewives Association (IHA) was formed in 1942, to gain recognition for the right of housewives to play an active part in society. Dr. Hilda Tweedy was the custodian of these records for many years. She was a founder member, and a lifetime member, of the IHA.
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International Year/Decade for Women
Mexico, International Year of Women
Official Report of Conference
Reports by Attendance
Working Papers of the Conference
Correspondence relating to conference, United Nations Journals, issues, 2, 3, 5, 7-11
IVY Bulletin, numbers 1-6
1 box

1980, Copenhagen, International Decade for Women, Press Kits/Papers submitted by the United States of America, Israel, Denmark, Canada, Australia, Ireland, 6 files

General reports submitted to conference, includes, copy official, pre-conference meeting report, preparatory committee of United Nations report, first committee report, economic commission report, relating to Asia, Africa, Latin America, 1 file

Statements/speeches submitted to conference by Pakistan, Indonesia, Finland, USSR, Ireland, Mozambique, South Africa and Nambia, 1 file

Programmes, information leaflets and booklets, 1 box

1985, Nairobi, International Decade for Women, general reports, official report of conference by the secretary general United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, NGO Forum Report, 1 file

National Statements of Ireland, Africa, Israel, Holy See Delegation, 1 file

Workshop `Equality of Opportunity of Girls and Women in Urban and Rural Areas, 1 file

Correspondence, 1949-1995

Programmes, agenda, FORUM, 1985, newspapers, newsletters, information leaflets, 1 box

Beijing, World Conference celebrating Decade for Women:
Independent Report of Proceedings
Conference leaflets
1 file

1984-1986, International Alliance of Women visit to China, invitation of All China Women's Federation:
Issues of `Women of China' 1984-1986
Information Booklets, fact-sheets, newspapers, guide books, photographs
1 box.

International Alliance of Women Commission on International Understanding, 1984, Vienna, United Expert Group Meeting, Violence in the Family
Papers presented to meeting
General correspondence
1 file

1985, Vienna, United Nations Regional Meeting to prepare for the International Year of Peace
1 file

United Nations Non Governmental Organisation Conference to open International Year of Peace
Proclamation of International Year of Peace
Pamphlets, posters, invitations
1 file

Human Rights and Peace
Material relating to the United Nations promotion of Human Rights and Peace, including reports, papers relating to conferences, seminars and workshops, correspondence, 1983-1989
1989-1992, United Nations Peace relating to the Gulf Crisis, papers relating to resolutions to Crisis, newsletters, UNDRO

1980-1987, disarmament issues, official paper relating to the World Congress on Disarmament 1980 International Alliance of Women papers submitted to disarmament session, 1982. Report of International Conference on the relationship between disarmament and development, 1987, United Nations Statement on Disarmament, 1987, address by Brian Lenihan on the relationship between disarmament and development, 1987, Disarmament Newsletter, 3 files.

1976, Asian Regional Seminar on Women's Continuing Education organised by the International Alliance of Women, UNESCO and All-India Women's Conference:
Papers submitted to conference
Inaugural address by Professor Damodoran
Chandra deZoya 'Role of Voluntary Organisations in the needs of women in Adult Education'
De Devadas, 'Role of Education in increasing women's awareness of their rights'
L. Damodara Menon, 'Identification of women's rights, needs and problems'
Dr S.C. Seth, 'Education, preferred future'
Recommendations of the seminar to Voluntary Organisations
Inaugural address by Shri C. Subramaniam (Union Finance Minister)
Interim Report on Education - Department of Science and Technology

Correspondence relating to Seminar
Programme of events, travel arrangements and general arrangements, 1 file

Journal of All India Women's Conference
Business Cards
1 file

United Nations General Assembly relating to Women's Issues
1981, United Nations Conference on least developed countries
1990, Resolution adopted by General Assembly on 'Improvement of Women in Rural Areas'
1994, Constitution of Irish Association for United Nations Develop

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