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Contains newspaper cuttings relating to the meeting of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, fourth annual meeting in Glasgow, September 1860

Clipping from 1861 of meeting held in Dublin to prepare for the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science meeting to be held in Dublin the following August, report encourages women to take part; cutting dated 24 June 1861 re 'educated women'

A number of cuttings relating to the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science congress which was held in Dublin in August 1861, includes lectures given by women such as Emily Faithfull, Bessie Parkes, Frances Power Cobbe

Cuttings relating to the employment of women, the emigration of educated women

Cutting announcing the inauguration of the Society for the Employment of Educated Women in Dublin, 7 April 1862

Cutting about female convicts in Ireland (from the Freeman's Journal?), 12 November 1862

Cuttings about the Queen's Institute (from the Irish Times?), 10 December 1864, 26 June 1865, 26 January 1866 (Express and Irish Times), 21 May 1866 (Freeman's Journal), 26 December 1866 (Express), 19 April 1869? (Freeman's Journal), 8 February 1868 (Freeman's Journal), 5 June 1871 (Express and Freeman's Journal), 22 September 1871 (Freeman's Journal)

A number of cuttings mainly from the Times on the Married Women's Property Bill 1868.

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