CollectionMathew O'Mahony Papers
ReferenceMs24900 (ii)
DescriptionCard dated December 8, to Mathew O'Mahoney from Teresa Deevy to say she will send on script of new play 'when I can get a free copy'; letter from Deevey to O'Mahony dated 9 October commenting on plays he has sent her to read including, 'Sarah Curran', these 'plays are the best way of keeping alive the real story of Ireland', also refers to 'the pictures', noting 'we - many of us dislike the pictures yet I think so many will seek their recreation at them, that we writers here in Ireland should rush out and "take possession" as far as we can'; letter from Teresa Deevy to O'Mahony dated 6 January sending him her latest script; same to same dated 24 January, thanking him for returning her scripts and telling him about her royalties, she calls the 'King of Spain's Daughter' a comedy; same to same dated 24 August on forthcoming trip to Donegal and intends to visit; same to same dated November 25, enclosing scripts for 'Katie Roche' and 'The Wild Geese'. She is still working on 'Holiday House'; same to same dated May 18 offering her home in Dublin to rent for short periods.
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