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Letter from Charles O'Connor to Joseph Cooper Walker, Dublin, dated 1785, in which he refers to Miss [Charlotte?] Brooke. 'I request you will present my respects, I should say my warm affection to the lady who paraphrased Carolan's Monady(?) on his beloved Mary. She has improved on her original greatly; she calched (?) and she adorned the poor blind man's feelings, and indeed she impressed myself with feelings which I had not before on the subject. Again I repeat the request that you will present her with my affection, nay with my commands that she will not omit cultivating the talent that nature endowed her with most bountifully. You enquire about Grace Nugent, a worthy lady, a sister of the late worthy John Nugent of Corke. She lived in our neighbourhood with her sister Mrs Commee, when Carolan addressed her with the ode and piece of music you mention. I often listened to Carolan singing his ode on Miss Cruice in raptures. I thought the stanzas wildly enthusiastic and neglected preserving them'.

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