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This is an extensive archive relating to the Dominican Sisters in Ireland. The outline below provides general headings for some of the collections within the archive. The material includes correspondence, reports, account books, published works, etc.

A. Government: Amalgamated Structures

I. Amalgamation of Cabra, Sion Hill, Dun Laoghaire, Wicklow, Falls Road and Filial Houses 1911-1929

II. Amalgamation of South Africa 1885-1973
i. Cape Town and Port Elizabeth 1885-1942
ii. St Rose of Lima 1943-1973
iii. Regional Vicariate 1938-1976
(a) Stellenbosch 1938-1939
(b) Regional Chapters 1939-1977
(c) Regional Vicars and Council 1931-1976
(d) Prioresses and Sisters
(e) Visitations 1939-1947
(f) Apostolate

III. Amalgamation of Bom Sucesso, Lisbon 1860-1979
i. Pre-amalgamation 1860-1929
ii. Amalgamation 1954-1962
iii. Prioresses 1960-1979

IV. Relations with and amalgamation of Galway and its filial house in Buenos Aires. Expansion of the Argentine Mission 1891-1980

V. Constitutional
i. Rules and Constitutions
ii Constitutional

VI. General Chapters 1928-1977

VII. Prioress General and Council 1928-1979
ii. Mother Colmcille Flynn 1928-1941
iii. Mother Reginald Lyons 1941-1954
iv. Mother M Benigus Meenan 1954-1960

VIII. Bursar General
i. General Accounts 1928-1975
ii. House and Regional Accounts1929-1977
iii. Student Accounts
iv. Bequests, investments, donations

IX. Prioresses 1928-1978
i. Reports 1928-1978
ii. Retreats, elections, meetings 1929-1978

XI. Ecclesiastical Authorities
i. Holy See and Sacred Congregation 1929-1977
(a) petitions 1929-1977
(b) correspondence, circulars, decrees 1939-1968
(c) reports, returns, 1933-1978
ii. Apostolic Nunico 1936-1968
iii. Irish Episcopacy 1928-1974

D. Apostolate 1904

I. Education
i. policy and philosophy
ii. Training Colleges 1934 -
(a) Sion Hill Colleges 1934 -
(aa) Froebel College 1934 -
(ab) Montessori College 1934 -
(ac) St Catherine's College of Domestic Science 1941-
(ad) St Raphael's 1954 -
(b) Administration 1978 -
St. Mary's Training College, Belfast 1938-

E. Houses of the Congregation

I. Cabra 1903-

II. Blackrock 1888-

III. Dun Laoghaire 1929-

IV. Falls Road 1931-

V. Wicklow 1931-

VI. Muckross 1929

VII. Eccles Street
i. St Mary's University College 1893-1914
(a) Archbishop of Dublin 1893-1896
(b) Minutes, reports, register, prospectus, programmes 1893-1911
(c) Abortive application for Recognition by the National University of Ireland 1907-1913
ii. General Correspondence 1914-
iii. 1916 Rising

VIII. Dominican Hall 1911-1966
i. Property 1911-1966
ii. Correspondence 1911-1966
iii. St Mary's literary Academy 1912-1966
iv. Students and Accounts
v. Council and visitation 1928-1966

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Century19th, 20th
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